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Fully developed physically; full-grown.
  1. 'owls are sexually mature at one year'
  2. 'Bigger athletes and sprinters generally start earlier than those who are less mature physically.'
  3. 'At the same time, however, biology is very far from being a fully mature science.'
  4. 'During that thousand years, the mature adult of each generation would look more like a younger chimp than the mature adult of the generation before.'
  5. 'Skins constitute between five and 12 per cent by weight of a mature grape berry, depending on the vine variety.'
  6. 'Watch for fully mature, dry seedpods and collect them before they shatter.'
  7. 'Studies on the bamboo cell wall have focussed mainly on fully elongated and mature fibres.'
  8. 'No mature fruits had more than two seedless carpels.'
  9. 'Flower number was obtained by adding the number of scars left by aborted flowers and fruits to the number of mature fruits.'
  10. 'Once the seed is fully mature, it is usually too hard to bite.'
  11. 'Very wet soil encourages mature peanuts to sprout in the ground.'
  12. 'They were mature adults and the assessment should be based on their own income.'
  13. 'Today's young men and women are more mature, responsible and competent.'
  14. '‘We strongly encourage older applicants for our courses and in my experience they are more mature,’ he added.'
  15. 'He enjoys the company of mature people, people who are tolerant and have the patience to reach a sensible agreement with other people.'
  16. 'He is now mature enough emotionally to reside in the men's house without need of running home to be with his mother.'
  17. 'By the time a child has reached their teens, parents feel that they are mature enough to cope with more adult content, and control shifts accordingly.'
  18. 'And so I did what any mature adult would do in my situation.'
  19. 'Immature teens always try to prove that they are mature and they are responsible, but the only thing they forget at that time is that one mistake can ruin their life.'
  20. 'He's mature beyond his years, practices extremely well, works really hard, soaks things up.'
  21. 'Tell me, is there a single person in the world who doesn't think he is mature beyond his years?'
  22. 'on mature reflection he decided they should not go'
  23. 'There are strong indications that our judges make decisions without mature consideration.'
  24. 'These two books are the fruits of mature and careful scholarship.'
  25. 'But I would hope that, on mature reflection, he would not be advised to take any purely technical point on service.'
  26. 'It's also important to have a mature rather than a gung ho approach.'
  27. 'On mature consideration though, perhaps those black puddings of theirs count as weapons of mass destruction and merit a pre-emptive strike.'
  28. 'Miss Walker was a mature lady when she married'
  29. 'Tall, mature, single, blue-blooded aristocrat seeks tall, mature foxy lady who loves dressing in furs.'
  30. 'When the rose petals and hips are turned into face creams they have amazing healing properties, and so are ideal for mature or sensitive skins.'
  31. 'I've been really impressed by the way in which so many companies have at last woken up to the special needs of mature skin.'
  32. 'But reflecting in my mature middle-age, I still think she could have tried harder.'
  33. 'Increasingly women and mature aged Australians are at the cutting edge of this do-it-yourself enterprise culture.'
  34. 'I have mature skin and I massage my face every night with creams to prevent ageing.'
Having reached the most advanced stage in a process.
  1. 'Against the odds, I acquired an elegant and mature writing style years ahead of my age.'
  2. 'These are songs that demonstrate a mature talent at work - both vocally and lyrically.'
  3. 'A lot of products are technologically mature, so the advances are in usability.'
  4. 'a rather nice mature Camembert'
  5. 'While most of the wines were of very recent vintage, we did taste one mature wine, and it was excellent.'
  6. 'Certainly, Cabernets will age, but they take longer than other varieties and I wanted some mature wine sooner.'
  7. 'Again, if the rim is brown, it's probably mature and ready to drink.'
  8. 'I absolutely loved its mature cheddar and those little cakes with white sugar on top.'
  9. 'More mature cheeses are firmer and can be crumbled over pasta or soup, or grilled and served on a salad dressed with walnut oil.'
  10. 'Beer, 15 year-old mature wine and whiskey - it's up to you what suits your mood best.'
  11. 'If you're preparing Welsh rarebit, for example, use a strong-tasting, mature cheese rather than a mild variety.'
  12. 'A selection of fine mature cheeses and some roasted hazelnuts, or a single dry slice of brown bread?'
  13. 'However, there is a problem here in that almost every other mature economy in Europe wants tax harmonisation.'
  14. 'Margins are tightening and growth slowing to the levels of more mature markets.'
  15. 'We realized the first year we looked at this that we were spending far too much money on mature markets.'
  16. 'The former is a mature market in most developed countries; the latter shows strength in developing nations.'
  17. 'Some economists argue that info tech is a mature industry that cannot expect to grow much faster than the rest of the economy.'
  18. 'The industry is more mature than it was a decade ago, when it last rose and fell.'
  19. 'Investors in mature industries are those who want to enjoy the potential for growth but also avoid extreme highs and lows.'
  20. 'The growth potential for brewers is not in mature European markets.'
  21. 'But if the conventional capital markets don't want to touch mature industries, where can these orphan companies turn for finance?'
  22. 'None of these offers an auspicious precedent or any clear parallel for introducing a flat tax to a mature economy.'
(of a bill, bond, etc.) due for payment or repayment.


    (of a person or thing) become fully grown or developed.
    1. 'the trees take at least thirty years to mature'
    2. 'Many developmental and educational psychologists agree that young adults mature through a sequence of stages.'
    3. 'They've matured into a tight live band, and if some of the quirkiness of old has been ironed out the fact that they're writing the best songs of their career more than makes up for it.'
    4. 'Some plants matured more rapidly and developed spikes from the first node.'
    5. 'Worker and queen larvae mature in different cells but that makes little difference in their development.'
    6. 'If he stayed around long enough, he'd see his teenage bride had matured into a competent, successful businesswoman.'
    7. 'They have matured into a side with a backbone of leaders, and excellent mid field and a set of forwards which are lethal.'
    8. 'Not only did they survive, but every single one of my seedlings matured into a sturdy adolescent.'
    9. 'The most intensive period of speech and language development for humans is during the first three years of life, a period when the brain is developing and maturing.'
    10. 'Models that have been married or have borne children are most welcome, for their bodies have been well developed and matured, and are more easily drawn.'
    11. 'Parrots are very intelligent and go through development stages as they mature and assert their will like rebellious teenagers.'
    12. 'His son was having a great time, and was maturing every day away from his mother.'
    13. 'Nevertheless, what we do retain is the spirit, which matures and develops as we progress.'
    14. 'I've developed, matured, settled down, have a lot more common sense.'
    15. 'In many ways, I guess I matured a lot by looking after myself for 7 years.'
    16. 'It's impossible to project how players will physically grow and mature emotionally.'
    17. 'He matured much faster than the other boys I knew, if only mentally.'
    18. no object 'leave the cheese to mature'
    19. 'Two styles were released after maturing for three and five years respectively in French and American oak; only a five-year-old vintage dated version is now made.'
    20. 'But there is something magical about whole cheese that needs to be properly cared for and lovingly matured.'
    21. 'They have a rich unpasturised flavour, are mould ripened and often ‘flow’ as they mature.'
    22. 'It should be ready to drink in six months but can be left to mature for at least 4 years.'
    23. 'In vinegar that has matured for 12 years, there is an expected 85-percent evaporation.'
    24. 'Drying foods does not stop the enzymatic action that causes fruit to mature and decay; it only slows it down.'
    25. 'It is left to mature in the cellar and the final ripening stage takes place in a spruce wood box, where the cheese is kept for at least 3 weeks.'
    (of an insurance policy, security, etc.) reach the end of its term and hence become payable.
    1. 'And later, if you want to sell the bond before it matures, there will be a tremendous markdown on its value.'
    2. 'The bond will mature in two years and carry 4 per cent interest.'
    3. 'The loan programme was originally created for executives who owed taxes on shares of restricted stock that had matured.'
    4. 'For example, let's say that your endowment is predicted to leave you £20,000 short when it matures.'
    5. 'Half of it matures in 2006 or earlier, the rest in 2008.'
    6. 'However, she was sold a policy that matured at 65.'
    7. 'With a discounted gift scheme, you make a gift into a series of single-premium insurance policies designed to mature in different years.'
    8. 'It's reckoned that the average policy yet to mature will come up several thousand pounds short.'
    9. 'It pays a fixed rate of interest until it matures.'
    10. 'If I didn't trust the stock market to create a lump sum to pay off my home loan when it matured, then why on earth did I trust it to produce enough for my retirement pot at the end of my working life?'


    1. complete in natural growth or development, as plant and animal forms: a mature rose bush.

    2. ripe, as fruit, or fully aged, as cheese or wine.

    3. fully developed in body or mind, as a person: She was a mature woman who took her family responsibilities seriously.

    4. noting or pertaining to an adult who is middle-aged or older (used euphemistically): discrimination against mature applicants.

    5. pertaining to or characteristic of full development: a ma

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    "percents can be mature in/at/on years."

    "placements can be mature in dates."

    "people can be mature for ages."

    "notes can be mature in dates."

    "soybeans can be mature on percents."

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    Late Middle English: from Latin maturus ‘timely, ripe’; perhaps related to matins.