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Large and heavy or solid.
  1. 'When required, a massive sliding door of solid oak protects the privacy of the bedroom.'
  2. 'The group approached a massive stone structure at the front of the chamber that stood almost twelve feet tall.'
  3. 'The ground shook and trembled, splitting apart, then ramming back together, forming massive mountains.'
  4. 'And yet it is one of the most exceptional and intricate and massive buildings I have ever seen.'
  5. 'Beyond this roadside specimen is yet another grove of massive giants that takes my breath away.'
  6. 'It has a heavy skull and a massive neck, and it is also by far the shortest-legged and least cursorial canid.'
  7. 'Then, like a magic trick, you see its massive ramparts and golden sandstone towers, exotic and beautiful.'
  8. 'In medieval Veliko Turnovo, royalty and high nobility lived in relative safety behind the massive ramparts of Tsarevets Hill.'
  9. 'The tiger stands towering at what looks like close to seven feet, and he's heavy and massive to boot.'
  10. 'Heating pipes ran under the house - massive things lagged with heavy brown felt.'
Exceptionally large.
  1. 'After all, they've pumped massive amounts of money into their economies.'
  2. 'She turned down a massive amount of money from a Sunday newspaper, which was a great credit to her.'
  3. 'Heavy rain has caused a massive landslide just yards from a world-famous Brontë shrine.'
  4. 'Whilst being trained, I began to pay attention to the massive amounts of money changing hands at the track.'
  5. 'Considering the massive variety of foods we consume containing corn and soy and cottonseed oil, almost all of us eat biotech food daily.'
  6. 'For now, of course, it's reserved for those with massive amounts of money.'
  7. 'Today, a massive crowd is expected to gather on the Mall in Washington DC.'
  8. 'These are items which often end up in the bin, yet they have the potential to raise a massive amount of money.'
  9. 'In which case, in which case, if people apply for patents and they get hit with massive fines, they're not going to apply for patents at all.'
  10. 'You lose a massive amount of money on each new unit of production.'
  11. 'a massive heart attack'
  12. 'Later, he succumbed to a massive heart attack, his family members said.'
  13. 'He died after suffering from a massive heart attack.'
  14. 'A 37-year-old woman has been given a second chance by a revolutionary new drug which saved her life following a massive heart attack.'
  15. 'Those are patients with suspected heart attacks, massive bleeding, and serious head injuries.'
  16. 'She died the following February from a massive heart attack.'
  17. 'While driving his taxi looking for customers, he suddenly suffered a massive heart attack.'
  18. 'About an hour after dinner pop suffered a massive heart attack.'
  19. 'A lot of people, especially women, don't have any symptoms at all before they have a massive heart attack.'
  20. 'It's being reported that death was due to a massive heart attack.'
  21. 'And he went to the gym the very next day and dropped dead of a massive heart attack.'
  22. 'Of course the show is a massive hit, and the police drama he takes in its place gets scrapped when the audience find it disgusting.'
  23. 'However, it was a massive hit across Europe, reaching number two in Germany.'
  24. 'The rocky yet emotional sounds of their breakthrough album have proved a massive hit, rendering them one of the hottest acts around.'
  25. 'The reason for this long preamble is that the situation which prevailed in 1949 goes a long way to explaining why the film The Third Man became such a massive hit.'
  26. 'It already has a massive hit with a brand that has sold more than 600,000 discs.'
  27. 'The film follows a bunch of strange characters in an isolated community and has proved a massive cult hit.'
  28. 'His own composition - a massive hit - has been overlooked in favour of the vastly inferior follow-up single, which he had nothing to do with.'
  29. 'The track, released on Monday, is tipped to be a massive Christmas hit.'
  30. 'Her career had also taken off in the States in 1964, when her massive hit ‘Downtown’ reached number one.'
  31. 'And with few drivers on the roads, the shuttle buses made rapid progress through the streets and were a massive hit.'
(of rocks or beds) having no discernible form or structure.
  1. 'They form massive structures that contrast with adjacent bedded deposits when found in the geological record.'
  2. 'The bed thickness is variable from thinly bedded to massive beds up to 9 m thick, and the contacts with other facies are generally gradational.'
  3. 'Offset by the blue of sky, the massive beds of rock stand out in surprising colours.'
  4. 'Most of us were introduced to epidote as a massive or granular mineral characterized by its pistachio-green color.'
  5. 'The massive sulphides are always contained within the Volcano - Sedimentary Complex.'
  6. 'It also occurs in crusty or otherwise finely crystalline massive aggregates.'


A group of young people from a particular area with a common interest in dance music.
  1. 'It was an ambitious plan to bring together the hip hop and drum ‘n’ bass massives.'
  2. 'It's a nonsense verse used by everyone from boy scouts to football hooligans, including, presumably the Swansea massive.'
  3. 'It has a long history of cross-cultural events, giving equal time to white, black, Indian and Asian DJs - and by extension their respective massives.'


1. consisting of or forming a large mass; bulky and heavy: massive columns.

2. large and heavy-looking: a massive forehead.

3. large in scale, amount, or degree: a massive breakdown in communications; massive reductions in spending.

4. solid or substantial; great or imposing: massive erudition.

5. Mineralogy. having no outward crystal form, although sometimes crystalline in internal structure.

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"volumes can be massive at markkas."

"aids can be massive in worlds."

"walkouts can be massive across countries."

"volumes can be massive for bourses."

"turnovers can be massive at markkas."

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Late Middle English: from French massif, -ive, from Old French massis, based on Latin massa (see mass).