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Having or showing impressive beauty or scale.
  1. 'It is a city rather than a town, that lofty, majestic cathedral ensuring its status.'
  2. 'The majestic beauty of its rugged mountains and the simple way of life are a major drawcard.'
  3. 'A fluffy cloud above the majestic Royal Yacht Britannia marks it out as a centre piece.'
  4. 'No other city in the world celebrates death on quite so epic or majestic a scale as Paris.'
  5. 'How majestic will it be to see Lafleur soar down the right wing one more time?'
  6. 'They said that his crown was slipping, but with four days of majestic golf in upstate New York, he proved to be king of the Hill.'
  7. 'The mix is astonishing, from the kitsch to the majestic, from the grotesque to the sublime.'
  8. 'The music he composed for her funeral is of a truly majestic solemnity and profundity.'
  9. 'It's a soft beauty as it casts a soft pink to violet of majestic artwork across the sky.'
  10. 'This is not the competition those majestic players won so gloriously in the 50s.'


1. characterized by or possessing majesty; of lofty dignity or imposing aspect; stately; grand: the majestic Alps.

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"wines can be majestic."

"hotels can be majestic."

"resources can be majestic."

"peaks can be majestic."

"mountains can be majestic."

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