Adjective "magnificence" definition and examples

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The quality of being magnificent.
  1. 'It was a marvelous display of an orderly universe and a never-to-be forgotten experience of eerie beauty and magnificence.'
  2. 'It had been an historic send-off in the medieval magnificence of the abbey's Gothic stone vaults.'
  3. 'The extent and magnificence of the ruins was dazzling to behold.'
  4. 'We must, in other words, transform this tragedy into a triumph, a triumph of man's magnificence to man.'
  5. 'In its heyday, the Cathay was renowned for its luxury and magnificence.'
  6. 'This pagoda had four sides and five storeys, and the carvings on the sides were famous for their magnificence.'
  7. 'Floral magnificence should not be missed at a flower festival taking place this weekend in a York village church.'
  8. 'Jane could stretch out on a lounger on the balcony, enjoying the dwarfing magnificence of the volcanoes on neighbouring Bali and Lombok.'
  9. 'Busoni's hitherto unparalleled magnificence as a pianist was naturally reflected in a substantial amount of music for piano.'
  10. 'We might as well have been in Paris or Rome, such was the beauty and magnificence of our trip.'
  11. 'A eunuch leaned and brushed the emperor's ear with his headdress, and said, ‘The gates, Your Magnificence.’'

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1. the quality or state of being magnificent; splendor; grandeur; sublimity: the magnificence of snow-covered mountains; the magnificence of his achievements.

2. impressiveness of surroundings: the magnificence of Versailles.