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A strong feeling of affection.
  1. 'their love for their country'
  2. 'His devotion to his work and his love for children made him popular with both pupils and parents.'
  3. 'The conscientious objectors have nothing but admiration, pride and love for their homeland.'
  4. '"I, too, have known a mother's love for her child.'
  5. 'But the biggest thing in Amanda's life was children, her incredible love for them and devotion to them.'
  6. 'I guess Michael and I were trying to find a way to express our brotherly love for one another.'
  7. 'He has expressed his love for his mother in the most tender, touching terms.'
  8. 'There is no romance involved, still the affection and love for a friend is implied and understood.'
  9. 'Is it a story about love for your family, love for your country, a revolution.'
  10. 'That year he moved to London but his love for Wales was strong and he eventually settled permanently there.'
  11. 'He was acting on his love for her and his strong need to make sure that she and their baby were being taken care of.'
  12. 'we were slowly falling in love'
  13. 'Finding love is a hard thing to do, but don't fret.'
  14. 'We have always happy together and our love for each other has been strong and growing for sometime now.'
  15. 'Try falling in love with someone who is from a different country and speaks a different language.'
  16. 'She did not overtly try to attract Edgar, but he was still falling in love with her.'
  17. 'Why can't two people our age fall in love and stay in love for the rest of our lives?'
  18. 'Falling in love with Maria, he comes to question rigid definitions of masculine and feminine.'
  19. 'There is a possibility of love at first sight and even a hasty marriage.'
  20. 'He unexpectedly finds himself falling in love with a young refugee.'
  21. 'You were falling in love with her, she already loved you, and you made a great couple.'
  22. 'If your recent post is anything to go by, her love for you is as strong as ever!'
  23. 'All our love and best wishes on this special occasion from your family and friends.'
  24. 'Also all the rest of the assorted cousins and uncles and aunts send their love too.'
  25. 'We send our love to a wonderful woman and all the best for a speedy recovery.'
  26. 'Give my love to mother and Sarah and the children.'
  27. 'Now, I don't know her, but my heart goes out to her, and I'm sending my love.'
  28. 'I send her all my love, I know what it feels like, remember Debbie- me and my mum are always here for you.'
  29. 'I send them all love and big hugs with lots of prayers to them and their families.'
  30. 'Channel those emotions as you read this, and send me all your love and sympathy.'
  31. 'Looking forward to seeing you soon, Lots of love, Grannie'
  32. 'Hmmm nothing of any import to say so I will sign off again, lots of love.'
  33. 'A winged Cupid, or Love, is represented as having gone before them, preparing the nuptial feast.'
A great interest and pleasure in something.
  1. 'we share a love of music'
  2. 'His love of animals preceded his love of gardening, and he says a good gardener is automatically a naturalist.'
  3. 'Liam in his reply spoke of his love of the game and the enjoyment he still gets out of coaching.'
  4. 'Willie was the local historian, a very popular man who had a great interest and love of his locality.'
  5. 'They share a mutual love of music and both are very deep thinkers.'
  6. 'There is no questioning his enthusiasm and love for the game and you are always off to a good start when you have that kind of passion.'
  7. 'I had a great interest and love of music, and music was always a part of the family, but no one had ever pursued it.'
  8. 'And these days he loves nothing more than combining his love of running with his passion for travel.'
  9. 'Ian drinks his coffee and talks enthusiastically about his love of singing.'
  10. 'But he is one of life's great enthusiasts and his love of his subject is getting quite infectious.'
  11. 'Though her appreciation and love for music never subsided, Jen did not actively compose again for several years.'
A person or thing that one loves.
  1. 'their two great loves are tobacco and whisky'
  2. 'By the end of the trip I knew she had two loves; her son and her carpets.'
  3. 'His chief love is painting, sorry, his two chief loves are painting and some old guru or other.'
  4. 'The prolific writer spent his life combining his two great loves - writing and the Lake District.'
  5. 'My job and my family are both great loves of my life and have helped.'
  6. 'He had three great, simple loves in his life, his family and friends, his football and his faith.'
  7. 'The talk covered not only her life and loves but also family and domestic life in the 13 th century.'
  8. 'By the time he was a young man, his two great loves, politics and horse-racing, soon became apparent.'
  9. 'it's all right, love'
  10. 'It's alright my love you are safe with me.'
  11. 'It's alright my love, what you want to know I'll tell you. Ask me.'
  12. '"Emily, my dear," said the spinster aunt, with a patronising air, "don't talk so loud, love."'
  13. '"Don't choke 'im, there's a love".'
(in tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil.
  1. 'To come back from two sets to love and win it is an awesome feeling.'
  2. 'The running tennis score of each of the games is expressed in a style peculiar to tennis: score in a game from zero to three points is represented as zero (or "love"), fifteen, thirty, and forty correspondingly.'


Feel deep affection or sexual love for (someone)
  1. 'That's why if I could have one wish, it would be for you to never stop loving me.'
  2. 'I have hinted that this is a bad thing but she says that she loves him.'
  3. 'She's rung me and told me she loves him, he loves her and they want to be together but I can't accept that.'
  4. 'He replies talking about having a wife he loves and who loves him, a wonderful daughter and a good life.'
  5. 'I love you baby, and that's all that matters.'
  6. 'To find someone you are compatible with and who loves you is enough.'
  7. 'I believe her when she says she loves me and I know I mean it when I say I love her.'
  8. 'Many a woman's mother has suggested that it is a good idea to marry a man who loves you more than you love him.'
  9. '"I love you baby, " Kelly says, hugging her.'
  10. 'The sense of disappointment left me empty inside, obviously nobody loves me.'
  11. 'I'd love a cup of tea'
  12. 'During his free time, my husband loves working on computers and audiovisual systems.'
  13. 'What we do is for people who really love his music.'
  14. 'Pete is not able to say that the crowds have always loved watching him play.'
  15. 'He loved working in his garage and being in the bush, cutting wood.'
  16. 'But something slowly began to dawn on me - I still loved what I did.'
  17. 'I'd absolutely love to hear what you have to say!'
  18. 'Sarah loves the outdoors and enjoys swimming, surfing, gardening, cooking and camping.'
  19. 'How could our kid not love the great outdoors?'
  20. 'The many teenagers in the audience loved the music and seemed to know every number.'
  21. 'I would absolutely love to hear about it.'

More definitions

1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. sexual passion or desire.

4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.

5. (used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?

6. a love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.

7. sexual intercourse; copulation.

8. (initial capital lett

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be love to people."

"people can be love to stories."

"people can be love on places."

"people can be love."

"people/places/organizations can be love."

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Old English lufu, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit lubhyati ‘desires’, Latin libet ‘it is pleasing’, libido ‘desire’, also by leave and lief.


fall in love
fall out of love
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for the love of God
for the love of Mike
love is blind
love me, love my dog
the love that dare not speak its name
make love
not for love or money
there's no (or little or not much) love lost between