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Measuring a great distance from end to end.
  1. 'long black hair'
  2. 'Neighbours say he had a pronounced limp and had shaved his head while retaining his long beard.'
  3. 'The zoo was packed with happy children and there were long queues to get in.'
  4. 'The bride given in marriage by her father Tommy looked radiant in a white dress with long train.'
  5. 'Girls with long hair must tie it back with burgundy or black clips to match the uniform.'
  6. 'The President sits at the head of a long table, immaculately dressed in a suit and striped tie.'
  7. 'He started the car and began to drive down the long road from the camp to the highway.'
  8. 'He had long eyelashes.'
  9. 'The strikes continue today and bosses are warning claimants and job seekers to expect long queues.'
  10. 'After a couple of lefts and a right she found herself in a long, straight corridor.'
  11. 'The hoods of their robes covered their heads, and they wore long belts of white rope.'
  12. 'a boat 150 feet long'
  13. 'The fish must be forty five inches long.'
  14. 'The course is ten miles long with a five mile climb to the summit and a very fast descent over scree and rocks.'
  15. 'At the moment the longest leaf is 4 inches long, with half an inch of stem to the main stem.'
  16. 'The route itself is 73 miles long and would probably take the average walker five or six days.'
  17. 'It came in a box about three feet long and two feet wide.'
  18. 'The longest bony fish in the sea, it grows up to nine metres long with a bright red crest that runs the entire length of its body.'
  19. 'He had found an iron rod about a yard long on the riverbank.'
  20. 'We were very quickly trained, flew at very low level for a long way at night and succeeded.'
  21. 'The pilgrims had an extra long journey due to the extra security at the Airport.'
  22. 'The weary mother wept as the bus began its long journey back to her small village.'
  23. 'I've got to get up early in the morning as I have a long journey ahead of me.'
  24. 'Now nearly 60, Andrew is working as a trainer on lower pay and with a long journey to work.'
  25. 'Get up and stretch when on long journeys such as on a coach or plane.'
  26. '‘This is an awfully long walk,’ he said casually.'
  27. 'Wales march on, but for poor tired Italy, the long flight home will be a chance to reflect on what might have been.'
  28. 'Anyone who misses the bus for the return journey must make the long walk home.'
  29. 'The long journey took its toll on the intrepid traveller as her petrol tank sprung a leak and her aerial fell off.'
  30. 'he tried to head a long ball back to the keeper'
  31. 'Henry is at his best when receiving long breakaway ball which allows him to run at defenders.'
  32. 'The hilly golf terrain favored his long ball.'
  33. 'A long ball by the excellent Tommy Farrell was headed clear.'
  34. 'a sweater with long sleeves'
  35. 'I suggest he goes outside, puts on his first pair of long trousers, and then comes back.'
  36. 'He wore some kind of big baggy silken shirt with long sleeves that almost stretched down to the tips of his fingers.'
  37. 'She was dressed in a long skirt, which is not part of our school uniform.'
  38. 'Her scathing glance slid over me, taking in the baggy shirt and long skirt.'
  39. 'He was a long white tunic reaching to the ankles and with long sleeves, made from white linen or wool.'
  40. 'She reached into the wardrobe and removed one of the long dresses that had caught her eye.'
  41. 'In Kenya, for instance, native women prefer to see female tourists in long skirts and sleeves.'
  42. 'The girls of six to ten shall be given skirts or long dresses, and the boys of six to fourteen shall be provided with trousers.'
  43. 'He wore black pants with a maroon shirt, the long sleeves pushed up to his elbows.'
  44. 'I almost didn't notice her for a second, but she tugged impatiently on my long sleeve.'
  45. 'shaped like a torpedo, long and thin'
  46. 'His spear was simple, as well: a long, reasonably thin shaft of wood with an iron point at the end.'
  47. 'Well, let me just say that I'm sat at the computer drinking from a long, fluted glass.'
  48. 'His face was long and thin, his eyes a pale blue.'
  49. 'The pancakes are served on long, thin wooden plates reflecting their size and shape.'
  50. 'Picking up a long pole with a hooked end, a farmer plucks down a pod and cleaves it open with a cutlass.'
  51. 'There is a knack to dealing with a mango, which contains a long, thin stone to which the flesh clings for dear life.'
  52. 'Addington is the larger of two adjacent long barrows overlooking a tributary of the Medway.'
  53. 'He has long thin sideburns and was wearing silver oblong small-frame silver glasses.'
  54. 'Fill the bag with the roux and pipe long sausages of the mixture on to the tray.'
  55. 'It was a room of narrow but long shape, with two glassless windows with wooden shutters.'
  56. 'A long woman standing nearby was staring at us.'
Lasting or taking a great amount of time.
  1. 'she took a long time to dress'
  2. 'The irregular working hours and long gaps between jobs meant I had lots of time for boyfriends.'
  3. 'If you are going on vacation for a long period, you can ask the neighbour to keep a watch on your home.'
  4. 'It took her quite a long time to get dressed and undressed.'
  5. 'Britain's defeat means their long search for a gold medal in the men's team pursuit goes on.'
  6. 'Colleagues today paid tribute to their engine driver, who had made many friends during his long career.'
  7. 'After an excruciatingly long pause, Amy gasped.'
  8. 'Aged 39, he was looking forward to a long and successful career in local government.'
  9. 'However, if you had been a drugs dealer, you could have expected a long prison sentence.'
  10. 'If they open their windows, the smell pervades their homes and lingers there for a long time.'
  11. 'The author had a long career in journalism and his final post was that of executive editor of the European.'
  12. 'the debates will be 90 minutes long'
  13. 'I wonder - how long have you enjoyed gardening, and what helped to develop your interest in it?'
  14. 'The question was asked how long would it take to recoup the cost of parking meters when few people were using some of the places.'
  15. 'The only question in her mind, was how long would it take for everything to work out?'
  16. 'All sessions are 2 hours long.'
  17. 'So on the morning of the test we had an hour long lesson where we basically had to drive up to Palmer's Green to the test centre.'
  18. 'As if rowing and golfing hadn't been enough for one day, I then went for a hour long swim.'
  19. 'How long do you have noticeable bruising and scars after facial surgery?'
  20. 'They used two bits from the hour long interview, and not the bits that I would necessarily have chosen.'
  21. 'He had a solid game that day; as much as could be possibly expected after long months on the sidelines.'
  22. 'I was very grateful to have one night at home, because I knew that it was going to be a long and crazy week.'
  23. 'We turned into bed early that night, readying ourselves for what we expected would be a long day.'
  24. 'A few days went by and it seemed like the summer was going to be very long and heading towards boring.'
  25. 'He candidly admits in the book he spent months on the couch and long hours with a marriage counsellor.'
  26. 'They both walked up the stairs to get dressed for the long day that lay ahead of them.'
  27. 'I try to go shopping where they wrap for you, otherwise I have a long night of cursing and weeping.'
  28. 'The lack of a break after a long year's tedious work will reduce the efficiency of teachers.'
  29. 'Six thirty in the evening and she was already dressed for the duration of a long night ahead.'
  30. 'He has been here since the camp started, and the long nights get boring.'
  31. 'Although he affects a gentle demeanour, O'Leary has a long memory and his opinions can be acidic.'
  32. 'The Parisian spectators have long memories and they do not like a bad loser.'
  33. 'Those with long memories can recall what happened in the city of Ann Arbor, in the early 1970s.'
  34. 'Maybe the voters will have long memories when the next elections come around.'
Relatively great in extent.
  1. 'a long list of candidates'
  2. 'Lots of things are bad for us, including a long list of potentially unhealthy foods.'
  3. 'Getting older no longer leads to a long list of activities that you fear even attempting.'
  4. 'Rarely before had such a long novel been allowed the integrity to express itself.'
  5. 'The long list of activities includes boxing training, snooker and computer games.'
  6. 'Don't be put off by the long list of ingredients: it is really easy to make.'
  7. 'While both men have a long list of achievements to their credit, neither is in the first flush of youth.'
  8. 'The vegetarian menu takes up a page, and there is a long list of fish and poultry dishes.'
  9. 'The attacks are the latest in a long list of violent crimes to have blighted Yorkshire in the last month.'
  10. 'I met a German lady who sat in the piazza with a dictionary so that she could write a long letter to me.'
  11. 'Inquiry reports are often long, comprehensive, densely written, and hard to read.'
  12. 'The script, he says, is approximately 800-1000 pages long, the equivalent to eight to ten hours of dialogue.'
  13. 'The full hand-written letter had originally been presented as just one sheet of paper but it is actually ten sides long.'
  14. 'How long is the book?'
(of a vowel) categorized as long with regard to quality and length (e.g. in standard British English the vowel /uː/ in food is long as distinct from the short vowel /ʊ/ in good).
  1. 'In French, Italian, and Scottish English long vowels occur in a narrow range of positions and in general do not affect meaning.'
  2. 'A trochee is a metrical foot of two syllables, the first long and the second short.'
  3. 'Let's assume that long syllables take just twice as long to say as short ones.'
(of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a low level of probability.
  1. 'If you were a betting man, you could have got long odds on such a run of bad luck.'
  2. 'Despite the long odds, she's hoping someone in the unemployment lines will take up the challenge.'
  3. 'Finally the soldier muttered something to the effect that he was going to take the long chance.'
  4. 'Given how things went into qualifying, it was quite a long call to expect a podium finish.'
  5. 'The odds are long, the rewards are high, but there is no assurance of winning.'
(of shares, bonds, or other assets) bought in advance, with the expectation of a rise in price.
  1. 'Is there a worldwide shortage of long bonds?'
  2. 'That does not rule out the potential of long stocks that are going up during a down- trending market, but the probability of that happening is not as high as the alternative.'
  3. 'Traders and investors who limit themselves to long positions are conceding a big advantage to market professionals who are just as likely to go short as go long.'
  4. 'When markets turn vulnerable, the enterprising speculator may this time decide to reverse his long position and go short.'
  5. 'Buy-ins are generated by a long broker to close out an open fail with a counterparty.'
  6. 'Issuers who are unwilling to pay the price to sell these long securities can instead sell shorter maturities.'
(of a drink) large and refreshing, and in which alcohol, if present, is not concentrated.
  1. 'Sip it, with ice and a dash of lemon, or make it into a refreshing long drink with sparkling water.'
  2. 'When the day is hot, order one of their long, tall concoctions and take it all in.'
Well supplied with.
  1. 'The minister has shown she is long on rhetoric but short on action.'
  2. 'The hearing which followed was long on plausibility, but short on actuality.'
  3. 'Many of the businesses we work in seem long on management and short on leadership.'
  4. 'He is long on promises, but short on accomplishments.'


A long period.
  1. 'it will not be for long'
  2. 'Before long, fantasy not only intrudes into reality but becomes the only reality.'
  3. 'A family business cannot survive for long without a family to run as well as own it.'
  4. 'Then discuss it, but not for long, because this is a technique actors use to delay standing up and doing it.'
  5. 'Before long you're plotting weekends cycling in the country and perhaps a touring holiday or two.'
A long sound such as a long signal in Morse code or a long vowel or syllable.
  1. 'He blew two longs, a short and a long on the steam whistle as the train inched toward its top speed of 20 miles an hour.'
Long-dated securities, especially gilts.
  1. 'At this level we will accumulate dollar longs and warn buyers of gold stocks to watch out for a renewed decline if the dollar's seasonal pattern holds true.'
  2. 'In a weekly uptrend, continue adding to longs whenever the force index turns negative; continually add to shorts in downtrends whenever the force index turns positive.'
  3. 'What this tells us is that the funds had begun to not only eliminate longs but were in the process of actually building a short position since the technical indicators had all flipped negative.'


For a long time.
  1. 'an experience they will long remember'
  2. 'Having been a racegoer for twenty years there are a couple of performances that live long in the memory.'
  3. 'Einstein had long lived in horror of his bomb, which was supposed to erase evil from the planet.'
  4. 'I like my job, but other than that, there aren't really many reasons for me to stay long at all.'
  5. 'The prospect of a woman defeating a man in sport has long had allure in America.'
  6. 'Journalists, and their editors, have long rankled at the obvious attempt at manipulation.'
  7. 'On Booker shortlists, the preponderance of some subjects over others has long been a source of comment.'
  8. 'I will think long and hard before I give my number out again.'
  9. 'Both initiatives came into effect yesterday and both are things the taxi drivers have long campaigned for.'
  10. 'This was a darts match that will live long in the memory of all who witnessed it.'
  11. 'He has channelled his emotional pain into a vigorous and passionate account that will live long in my memory.'
  12. 'how long have you been working?'
  13. 'I can't look at that picture without wondering how long it took them to get those shadows under his eyes.'
  14. 'But organisers are not sure how long they can keep it going without more volunteers to help run it.'
  15. 'Mr Atkins said it was unknown how long the building would be closed for.'
  16. 'David isn't really sure how long he'll be here.'
  17. 'Questions ranged from how long the baby had been on mother's milk to how often the baby fell sick.'
  18. 'Police said they had no idea how long the factory had been in operation, but estimated it to be around three or four months.'
  19. 'Checking into a hotel that night, he was asked how long he was staying.'
  20. 'How do you prepare for the winter when you have no clue how long it will last?'
  21. 'Tell me about Jodie, how long you'd known her and how close you were, what sort of person she was.'
  22. 'I'm not sure how long you have lived away from these shores but the British Empire does not exist anymore.'
  23. 'All of the gospel writers wrote their stories of Jesus' teaching and actions long after his death.'
  24. 'Meanwhile a forlorn figure leant against a goalpost long after the finish.'
  25. 'Some of these books were on the shelves long before I started to use the library nine years ago.'
  26. 'Helen's lust for him died long before the end of the war.'
  27. 'Not long ago, my partner and I went on a week's vacation to Sicily.'
  28. 'Doctors Hilary and Alan Hill fell in love with Argyll long before moving there.'
  29. 'I gave up alcohol long ago as it would completely destroy me for days after.'
  30. 'Bob sleighing was popular in and around La Plagne long before the Olympic course was built.'
  31. 'I'd go with my pals and play football or go cycling, even though this was long before mountain bikes came along.'
  32. 'Yet the Olympics have long since ceased to be a jamboree for the elite.'
  33. 'he couldn't wait any longer'
  34. 'They will not keep you any longer than necessary.'
  35. 'it rained all day long'
  36. 'It's had a great spirit all season long and everybody came through for everybody else.'
  37. 'I have to spend my precious day off in front of a PC doing nothing but geeky stuff all day long.'
  38. 'All night long the hockey pictures gaze down at you sleeping in your tracksuit.'
  39. 'The seniors told us, the new students, to do a lot of silly things all day long.'
  40. 'It is Everton who have been playing a cup final every week, all season long.'
  41. 'Fatigue didn't matter, the ten men of Brazil could have kept the ball all day long and England knew it.'
  42. 'This is one of my all time favourite dishes - I could eat it all day long.'
  43. 'I almost felt like bursting into tears because we've taken so much flak all year long.'
(with reference to the ball in sport) at, to, or over a great distance.
  1. 'Bristol had a lineout on their own line and hooker Neil McCarthy threw the ball long.'
  2. 'Instead, he pulls ten men back and hoofs the ball long, to be chased or held up by a willing workhorse.'
  3. 'Unfortunately we fell into that trap and started just lumping the ball long which isn't our style.'
  4. 'The Belgian then began to get flustered and started spraying the balls long and wide.'
  5. 'It was only towards the end that Murray put some real beef into his shots, and then too often the ball flew long or wide.'
  6. 'You can hit the ball harder and take a longer swing while minimizing the risk of sending the ball long.'


1. having considerable linear extent in space: a long distance; a long handle.

2. having considerable duration in time: a long conversation; a long while.

3. extending, lasting, or totaling a number of specified units: eight miles long; eight hours long.

4. containing many items or units: a long list.

5. requiring a considerable time to relate, read, etc.: a lon

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"speeches can be long on goals."

"markets can be long on dollars."

"markets can be long in teeth."

"banks can be long on dollars."

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