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A speech defect in which s is pronounced like th in thick and z is pronounced like th in this.
  1. 'The splint holding my tooth in has given me a slight lisp, that achey feeling in the gum line from the forcing of the tooth and the annoyingly protracted brushing process that I used to hate.'
  2. 'You think they'd notice if you had six fingers, or a lisp, or if you were two feet shorter?'
  3. 'I should mention now that I have a slight lisp.'
  4. 'He had a slight lisp and his right hand had a way of flopping around a bit.'
  5. 'They were the ones who gave me a hard time about my braces and my lisp and… well… everything.'
  6. 'She had the slightest hint of a lisp, and so the last word came out of her mouth sounding like ‘thresses.’'
  7. 'The class waited, all attention, pretending to be helpful, ready for the slightest weakness, a lisp, a twitch, wariness, ready to move in for the kill.'
  8. 'Drew was missing his two front baby teeth and had possessed a slight lisp from birth, causing his s's to come out as th's.'
  9. 'In fact he had a curiously dry - albeit pleasant - soft spoken voice that was more soothing than intimidating, and he even had a slight lisp.'
  10. 'Each pause was highlighted, every sound a lisp.'


Speak with a lisp.
  1. 'In fact I don't think I've ever had anybody that lisped on the program yet.'
  2. '‘Man… dey get knock out,’ she lisped, seeing my surprise.'
  3. 'I saw him play more than once at Central Park in New York, his toothless mouth soulfully lisping his unique and beautiful song style.'
  4. '‘It has been burning this entire time,’ she lisped, her voice weary, strained.'
  5. 'Chris, for some reason, frequently denies that he lisps, not realising perhaps quite how much we love him for it, but it's like the Atlantic Ocean denying that it contains salt.'
  6. 'Then he talked about how I lisped and how you can't trust anyone with a lisp.'
  7. 'By the mid-1930s she was a superstar, singing, lisping and tap-dancing her way through such films as Poor Little Rich Girl and Bright Eyes, in which she famously sang On the Good Ship Lollipop.'
  8. 'So much for Portia's lisping about the gentle rain that blesseth the giver as well as him that takes!'
  9. 'The inebriated man drew a sword and sloppily lisped out, ‘You embarrreshed me!’'
  10. 'Audrey doesn't really lisp, she just knows it makes her irresistibly adorable.'


A high-level computer programming language devised for list processing.
  1. 'Unless a return object is explicitly specified with the return statement, the last expression evaluated will be returned, as in Lisp.'
  2. 'It's a mail reader, news reader, web browser, program development environment, Lisp interpreter and psychotherapist.'

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1. a speech defect consisting in pronouncing s and z like or nearly like the th- sounds of thin and this, respectively.

2. Phonetics. any unconventional articulation of the sibilants, as the pronunciation of s and z with the tongue between the teeth (lingual protrusion lisp) close to or touching the upper front teeth (dental lisp) or raised so that the breath is emitted laterally (lateral lisp)

3. the act, habit, or sound of lisping.

verb (used with or without object)

4. to pronounc


1950s: from lis(t) p(rocessor).