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(of a person or animal) be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface.
  1. 'I had to lie down because I was groggy'
  2. 'She lies on an empty avenue overlooked by curious streetlights.'
  3. 'Subjects were asked to lie on a support surface, positioning their left heel on the end cell of a support surface.'
  4. 'He had no idea how long he had been lying there, or how long he could have remained there before anyone came.'
  5. 'You'll lie here and rest until the young master recommends otherwise for you!'
  6. 'When they detect a predator, chicks either lay low in the nest and remain still, or lie on their backs and strike at the predator with their talons.'
  7. 'She cried out in pain and frustration, and remained where she lay.'
  8. 'The dead woman lies cold and serene on a formal bier.'
  9. 'Today she lay on her back and looked up at the gray sky through the twisted branches of the oak.'
  10. 'The sun had been beating fiercely down on her tear-streaked face as she saw her father lying there, dead.'
  11. 'His arms were bound to the surface he was lying on and so were his legs.'
  12. 'a book lay open on the table'
  13. 'Then during a lull in the sickening waves of withdrawal, he noticed a pack of book matches lying on one of the flat, iron crosspieces between the bars.'
  14. 'To cook asparagus, remove the woody ends first and peel part way up if the stalks are tough, then place in a skillet where the stalks can lie flat.'
  15. 'The romance novel lay on Eva's boudoir dresser, open and ragged from her wear-and-tear for the last week and a half.'
  16. 'Forty or fifty feet before it lay the broken remains of a section of stone wall that had been erected there, possibly as a target.'
  17. 'He circled around the machine to where a sole book lay on a work surface.'
  18. 'The walls were made of stone and a small pallet lay by two book cases.'
  19. 'On the desk under the palm of her left hand lay a black book, a fairly thick one at that.'
  20. 'With eyes sharpened by experience, a senior member of the team has spotted remains lying beneath a felled palm tree.'
  21. 'Her eyes grew accustomed to the starlight and she spotted her own shadow lying on the surface.'
  22. 'This roomy yet compact bag lies flat, with adjustable compartments and a mesh opening for ventilation.'
  23. 'his epitaph reads ‘Here lies Garcia, King of Galicia and Portugal’'
  24. 'A large Celtic Cross stands in the middle of the plot and there too many of the Jones Family lay at rest underneath.'
  25. 'The corpses were left where they lay pending forensic examination today.'
Be, remain, or be kept in a specified state.
  1. 'putting homeless families into private houses that would otherwise lie empty'
  2. 'The original hospital buildings date back to the 1850s, but the site has lain empty for nearly five years while the Clements Park estate has grown up around it.'
  3. 'As a child I wandered through it when it lay silent and empty.'
  4. 'The body was taken from the villa up the hillside, where it lay for a night in the church.'
  5. 'Situated on the outskirts of Ballybunion, this church was built in 1930 and has now been lying idle and in a general state of disrepair for over three decades.'
  6. 'The writings specify an abbey that has lain unused for a century, and that is what this is.'
  7. 'the solution lies in a return to traditional values'
  8. 'The answer lies just ahead in what many are calling the interview of the century.'
  9. 'To perform the operation with pencil and paper one must start with the million or so numbers among which the solution is known to lie.'
  10. 'It's the coming together with a common purpose of two such different men that lies at the heart of his novel.'
  11. 'Similarly, our comedies season is not just about laughter, but the yearning for harmony and reconciliation which lies at the heart of Shakespeare's great comedies.'
  12. 'The heroic prototype is considerably watered down and herein lies the crux of the problem.'
  13. 'Do one's loyalties lie on one side, the other, or somehow on both?'
  14. 'While an accurate prediction is near impossible, the attention of many in the market is now turning to the subject that lies at the heart of economic performance: consumer confidence.'
  15. 'As ever, a painting freezes a moment and expression in time and has the viewer wondering what story lies beneath the surface.'
  16. 'The real blame lies at the feet of the people who profit from this carnage.'
  17. 'Therein lies the rub for those who would curb latte consumption with pocketbook reasoning.'
(of a place) be situated in a specified position or direction.
  1. 'The city lies 100 miles south of the U.S. border in Baja, California.'
  2. 'The town of Shanhaiguan lies on a five mile sliver of plain between mountains and sea, a pass that opens like an avenue into the heart of China.'
  3. 'The Aral Sea lies within Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.'
  4. 'The neutral locus lies at two different positions between two selected loci.'
  5. 'The town of Whistler lies 15 miles away, just over the summit of 7,639-foot Rainbow Mountain.'
  6. 'Besides, the port lies just 10 nautical miles from the international shipping route.'
  7. 'The proposed site for the centre lies between the Airport Road and the Burma Road.'
  8. 'The top of the Kimmeridge Clay Formation lies within the more widely used, but poorly constrained, Tithonian Stage.'
  9. 'At Nagaon, it lies within a palm grove and is about an eight-minute walk from the Nagaon Beach - a complete horticulture project.'
  10. 'Culturally integrated but politically separate, the United States Territory of Guam lies thirty miles farther south at the bottom of the chain.'
  11. 'stand here, and all of Amsterdam lies before you'
  12. 'An open door lay beyond them and Chris could see the first few steps of the staircase that would lead him to the top floor.'
  13. 'The Cape Town team is currently lying mid-table and will be desperate to prove their cup success last season was no fluke.'
  14. 'They currently lie 8th in the Northern Counties East League, first division.'
  15. 'New Earswick will be anxious to avoid a sluggish start against Dewsbury Moor, who have just one win from their opening five games and lie just one place off the bottom.'
  16. 'They have the tenth best goal-scoring record and the twelfth best defensive record, suggesting the team should be lying mid-table rather than sixteenth.'
  17. 'Workington currently lie next to bottom in the league table with just two victories and a draw from their nine games.'
(of an action, charge, or claim) be admissible or sustainable.
  1. 'He said that the Crown Prosecution Service accepted the pleas and would ask for the rape charge to lie on the file after sentence.'
  2. 'Prerogative remedies for criminal charges will not ordinarily lie where an appeal is available.'
  3. 'Where the injury to the claimant is caused as a result of his especially sensitive activity, no claim will lie.'


The way, direction, or position in which something lies.
  1. 'You have been invited to play a new golf course and now want to find out more about it, perhaps even ‘walk’ the course in advance of your game or visualise the lie of the greens.'
  2. 'With the lie of Scottish theatreland already shifting, we are seeing a nascent, semiconscious shuffling for position for next year's awards.'
  3. 'Look, the last thing that a star wants is to disrupt the lie of a dress by eating a cheeseburger before a show.'
  4. 'If the heel is up then well-struck shots will go right, and the lie needs to be more upright to correct.'
  5. 'As the lie gets deeper, the ball automatically goes farther back in your stance.'
  6. 'You can play this shot off any lie, even bare ground if your wedge has minimal bounce.'

More definitions

1. a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.Synonyms: prevarication, falsification.Antonyms: truth.

2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.

3. an inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.

4. the charge or accusation of telling a lie: He flung the lie back at his accusers. verb (used without object), lied, lying.

5. to speak falsely or utter

More examples(as adjective)

"pipelines can be lie under surfaces."

"vaginas can be lie between urethras."

"vaginas can be lie between rectums."

"vaginas can be lie between bladders."

"specimens can be lie on limestones."

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(lie)Old English licgan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch liggen and German liegen, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek lektron, lekhos and Latin lectus ‘bed’.


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