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(especially in reference to time) of considerable or unusual length, especially so as to be tedious.
  1. 'The courts have to impose lengthy prison sentences whenever they deal with such offences.'
  2. 'How can you prove something isn't there without it being a very lengthy inspection process?'
  3. 'Furthermore, all other projects in the unit were subjected to a lengthy audit process.'
  4. 'Although decisions can be appealed, this is a lengthy process that can take many more years.'
  5. 'At university I often went on lengthy pub crawls with a blind guy, amongst others.'
  6. 'After a lengthy break, Marino is back and is pretty much picking up where he left off.'
  7. 'Those who attack health care workers deserve nothing less than lengthy jail sentences.'
  8. 'The lengthy process of soil preparation can start now that the lighter evenings are with us.'
  9. 'The lengthy process of applying for grants has taken nearly two and a half years.'
  10. 'I'm not sure I'd manage quite so well if we had a similarly lengthy hot spell today.'


1. having or being of great length; very long: a lengthy journey.

2. tediously verbose; very long; too long: a lengthy speech.

More examples(as adjective)

"processes can be lengthier."

"checks can be lengthier."

"versions can be lengthier."

"stays can be lengthier."

"routes can be lengthier."

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