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The measurement or extent of something from end to end; the greater of two or the greatest of three dimensions of an object.
  1. count noun 'the fish reaches a length of 10 inches'
  2. 'The newborn measure eight inches in length and they are known to grow up to 20 feet in the wild, say the Croc Bank authorities.'
  3. 'The enormous fish, which measured nearly 2m in length, strangely offered little resistance and was hauled up to the boat.'
  4. 'Liam rolled up his denim jacket sleeve and revealed a scar about eight inches in length, crooked and jagged and raised and a deep mauve color.'
  5. 'It was barely two inches in length and quite thin.'
  6. 'One of the windows measured about ten feet in length while the other four were of a smaller size and located in the porch area.'
  7. 'The fish measured two metres in length and the fins would have been between 700 and 800 millimetres long.'
  8. 'In small streams, brown trout may grow to no more than twelve inches in length and weigh less than a pound.'
  9. 'Being around three to four inches in length they are also just the right size for tench fishing.'
  10. 'The very biggest may have reached 40 metres in length and weighed close to 100 metric tons.'
  11. 'Roots range from eight inches up to 24 inches in length.'
  12. 'fifty lengths of the pool'
  13. 'She is swimming lengths in the club pool and walking as much as she can rather than grabbing lifts.'
  14. 'Only last week a 76-year-old woman raised £280 for the pool fund by swimming 100 lengths.'
  15. 'He still was not good but certainly competent enough to swim two lengths of this oversized pool without stopping.'
  16. 'After a tough few lengths in the swimming pool, it's always refreshing to know you can head for a sauna so hot it leaves you gasping.'
  17. 'She swam an impressive 20 lengths of the pool in 19 minutes and five seconds and presented Lydia with the money and a cute teddy bear, which Lydia christened Benjamin.'
  18. 'She also used to swim 30 lengths a day, competing with everyone who came in the pool.'
  19. 'Jemma, ten, and her cousin Danielle, 11, swam 50 lengths of the pool at Devizes Leisure Centre on Sunday.'
  20. 'I decided to attempt to swim two lengths of the pool underwater on a single breath, a feat that I have accomplished a couple of times before.'
  21. 'Keith Green, of Robin Close, Warminster is to swim 65 lengths of the Kingdown swimming pool in Warminster for MacMillan Cancer Relief.'
  22. 'Two years ago, Kevin O'Donnell could barely swim 12 lengths of his local swimming pool and would drag himself totally exhausted from the water.'
  23. 'In his second career start and first try on the turf, Cartoonist rallied from last place to win the one-mile maiden special weight race by two lengths.'
  24. 'Bachelor Duke scored by one length over Azamour in the Irish Two Thousand Guineas on May 22 at the Curragh.'
  25. 'They led the whole race finishing a boat length ahead of the Irish.'
  26. 'At the final turn he led by eight lengths and held on comfortably for a very popular win.'
  27. 'He has not raced since finishing six lengths behind winner Clodovil in the French Two Thousand Guineas on May 11.'
  28. 'The Go for Gin colt won an allowance race by eight lengths at Belmont Park on June 7 in his last start.'
  29. 'The bay colt won a maiden race by seven lengths at Del Mar on August 17 in his second career start.'
  30. 'He won his maiden at the Curragh last season by 15 lengths and was almost as impressive on his reappearance at Tipperary in July.'
  31. 'His latest success was achieved by 11 lengths at Doncaster last month when he justified favouritism in impressive style.'
  32. 'Asi Siempre raced less than two lengths behind leader Elle Runaway entering the stretch.'
  33. 'the length of her skirt'
  34. 'It hovered just above the knee, the perfect length for the customers he's looking to serve.'
  35. 'The school uniform is not acceptable because the white shirt reveals too much of the arms and the skirt length is not long enough; it should be down to the ankles.'
  36. 'It's really a matter of choosing the skirt shape and length which best suits your figure and shows off your assets.'
  37. 'Finally, remember that trouser length can vary from one style of pants to another.'
  38. 'The length and the more structured cut makes it easy to pair with the rest of your wardrobe.'
  39. 'the muscles running the length of my spine'
  40. 'She was dressed in a long peachy pink dress that hugged her bust tightly, and was long and loose for the rest of the garment's length.'
  41. 'the length of the syllable is isomorphic with the length of the syllabic vowel'
  42. 'As Navajo is a tone language, an error in tone or vowel length can be embarrassing to the listener.'
The amount of time occupied by something.
  1. 'Under this method different amounts of interest are charged for months of different lengths.'
  2. 'But figuring out the lengths of days of yore isn't as easy as subtracting two milliseconds for every century.'
  3. 'The feeling of discouragement usually goes away within a reasonable length of time.'
  4. 'Interesting, though, is the fact that I find it harder and harder these days to spend long lengths of time in smoky clubs.'
  5. 'The videos range in length from two to 31 minutes and will be projected directly onto the building's glass façade.'
  6. 'This would determine the number of insects, the lengths of winters, the directions of the winds and how long they blew.'
  7. 'The answers range in length from about 2 to 4 minutes.'
  8. 'Much of Inuit life was adapted to the extremes of summer and winter night lengths.'
  9. 'The long-term goal is to have a body of approximately 70 researchers with various degrees of affiliation to Perimeter working for terms of varying lengths.'
  10. 'Child benefits will be tied to the length of service and amount of contributions paid until the baby is born.'
A piece or stretch of something.
  1. 'the surviving length of track'
  2. 'The manager went off, and returned with a length of adhesive plastic, holding it out like a holy cloth to be draped over a bishop's neck.'
  3. 'You can construct a model of this surface from a length of foam rubber with a square cross section.'
  4. 'It was replaced at half time by a length of plastic piping that is normally used as a goal post during Little League games.'
  5. 'He is holding a length of curtain material in front of him while a young woman attempts to crawl between his legs.'
  6. 'This line was not bordered by any physical crash barrier, but by what looked like a length of cable stuck to the pavement in front of them.'
  7. 'A length of outside stone wall has been dated back to pre-1066.'
  8. 'Attacking them with a blunt object, such as a length of wood, could be also considered cruel, at least for the Rottweiler.'
  9. 'So, armed with a length of twine, I set off to capture the dog.'
  10. 'Marcus bundled the man inside and secured the lid with a length of washing line taken from the outside balcony.'
  11. 'We then wrapped her in a length of white muslin (white is the colour of initiation) and lifted her above our heads and rocked her.'
An extreme to which a course of action is taken.
  1. 'Adults with literacy difficulties are very vulnerable and go to great lengths to keep their circumstances secret, often from their partners and children.'
  2. 'Since I decided to argue against this form of feminism in my first essay for the course, I had to go to great lengths to hide this book from my younger siblings throughout reading week.'
  3. 'Let's face it, women have gone to great lengths over the centuries, to keep their beauty techniques under wraps.'
  4. 'Even f they've been successful in the past, there's a constant fear of failure, and they go to great lengths to perfect everything they do.'
  5. 'People forget the legacy of public service and the lengths that people will go to in living up to their responsibilities.'
  6. 'And while we all enjoy having a good time at Christmas, environmentalists say we're going to excessive lengths these days - and we're all in danger of paying the price.'
  7. 'Infertility was a deeply distressing problem and childless couples would go to great lengths to raise money to fund treatment, he said.'
  8. 'When research doesn't go their way, or simply confirms what mothers intuitively know, feminist social affairs writers will go to great lengths to cover it up.'
  9. 'I told Sean I go to great lengths to look like his mom.'
  10. 'At a tax rate of $20 per carton, smokers will go to great lengths to find alternative, cheaper ways to get their cigarettes.'
The distance from the batsman at which a well-bowled ball pitches.
  1. 'He learnt quickly, and kept it on a good length or just short - on a pitch of varying bounce, that was the perfect way to bowl.'
  2. 'Minutes later, he pitched one slightly short of a length on off stump.'
  3. 'For reasons of balance alone, the sight of Lee making the ball rear from a length was a refreshing sight.'
(in bridge or whist) the number of cards of a suit held in one's hand, especially when five or more.
  1. 'In choosing between suits of the same length, do not choose a suit with very high cards in it, as these may well win tricks even if they are not trumps.'
  2. 'Ones of longer lengths win, with high cards breaking ties and loose high cards breaking further ties.'

More definitions

1. the longest extent of anything as measured from end to end: the length of a river.

2. the measure of the greatest dimension of a plane or solid figure.

3. extent from beginning to end of a series, enumeration, account, book, etc.: a report running 300 pages in length.

4. extent in time; duration: the length of a battle.

5. a distance determined by the extent of something specified: Hold the picture at arm's length.

6. a piece or portion of a certain or a known extent: a

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"companies can be length."


Old English lengthu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lengte, also to long.


at length
the length and breadth of