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A drink made from lemon juice and water sweetened with sugar.
  1. count noun 'the butler served her a lemonade'
  2. 'This lemonade can be made well in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to three days before serving.'
  3. 'Aisha went about fixing a tray laden with a jug of lemonade and plates of cookies.'
  4. 'Laram and I miss the joke and take our lemonades.'
  5. 'To drink, there's fresh papaya juice, lemonade and Malta Corona that tastes like Ovaltine soda.'
  6. 'Some days it will be hot and sunny and on those days, you will want to make plenty of lemonade to sell.'
  7. 'After a while, a waiter took their drinks order: three lemonades, one orange-and-lemonade, a coke and a bottle of Sol.'
  8. 'They both got their lemonades and were done laughing when Kylie and Belle returned.'
  9. 'I love the flavor of mint, and using it to enhance drinks like lemonade and cocoa is especially refreshing.'
  10. 'Waters, juices and lemonades are commanding between $2 and $5 on many menus.'
  11. 'She was tempted to have lemonade, but lemonade reminded her of Maralynne.'

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1. a beverage consisting of lemon juice, sweetener, and water, sometimes carbonated.

More examples(as adjective)

"sales can be lemonade."

"drinks can be lemonade."


Mid 17th century: from French limonade, from limon ‘lemon’.