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Having ample leisure, especially through being rich.
  1. 'He had some medical training, then spent the rest of his life as a leisured gentleman in Dublin and London.'
  2. 'Shonibare later addressed another well-known if bizarre pursuit of the leisured elite: the use of dogs in chasing and killing wild animals.'
  3. 'To my mind, golf can be categorized as an aristocratic game reserved exclusively for the leisured classes, big shots and whimsical big spenders.'
  4. 'When the leisured classes took to skis, though, they did so first for amusement, then for sport.'
  5. 'But Scotland and Sunday can reveal that Pimm's, the drink most revered by England's leisured classes, is in fact made entirely in Scotland.'
  6. 'Born in 1942 into solidly middle-class circumstances, he was brought up enjoying the pursuits of the leisured classes of the 19th century.'
  7. 'My point is rather that, because we are products of an affluent and leisured West, we have a special burden to remember how tenuous and fragile civilization remains outside our suburbs.'
  8. 'Unlike her friends, other leisured wives of wealthy men, she loves her life as wife and mother and wishes for nothing more.'
  9. 'But with trade and with the first rumblings of the Industrial Revolution emerged a leisured, town-based middle class.'
  10. 'Enriched and enormously expanded by three generations of widening prosperity, the leisured classes of France had invested their gains in culture - which meant above all education.'
  11. 'the leisured life of his college'
  12. 'In addition to providing Tarbell with subjects for portraiture, Emeline and her siblings served as models for figures in genre paintings of leisured genteel life.'
  13. 'Even with my leisured lifestyle, I don't think I can spare the extra time to scan, argue, and answer.'
  14. 'Here is a a more leisured pace of life and courteousness that are only a memory in the frantic bustle of Kuala Lumpur.'


1. having leisure: the leisured classes.

2. characterized by leisure; leisurely; unhurried: the leisured manner of his walk.

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"classes can be leisured."

"lives can be leisured."

"societies can be leisured."

"paces can be leisured."

"worlds can be leisured."

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