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A Polynesian garland of flowers.
  1. 'More recently, the competition has crept up to Hawaii's backyard, threatening the production of Hawaiian flower leis.'
  2. 'Victorious motor racing drivers have laurels hung around their necks and in Hawaii visitors are greeted with welcoming leis.'
  3. 'When we arrived at the village, our hosts greeted us warmly with leis.'
  4. 'I insisted everyone wear straw hats and sunglasses and flower leis.'
  5. 'More firmly grounded in Hawaiian culture is the lei, a colorful wreath of fresh flowers or other decorative objects worn around the neck.'
  6. 'Girls in grass skirts handed out fresh leis flown in from Hawaii.'
  7. 'Its centerpiece was a cracked glass vase brimming with fake Hawaiian leis and a bouquet of cheep plastic flowers.'
  8. 'Her sister Caroline Laba, who works at the Bythesea Road store, was joined by colleagues for a day of grass skirts, leis and garish shirts.'
  9. 'People give the gift of a lei, a necklace of flowers.'
  10. 'See first-hand how a fragrant flower lei is created at the lei stands that line Maunakea Street in Honolulu's Chinatown.'

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    1. (in the Hawaiian Islands) a wreath of flowers, leaves, etc., for the neck or head.

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    "offers can be lei."