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Space in which a seated person can put their legs.
  1. 'For example, you may have an easier time getting in and out of an aisle seat, and bulkhead seats may have more legroom.'
  2. 'You have legroom, you have headroom, and the seats not only provide all the support you'll need, they are well padded too.'
  3. 'The rear seats, though, are definitely lacking in legroom and are only really suitable for children or vertically challenged adults.'
  4. 'It's got four seats with decent legroom, and a sizeable boot.'
  5. 'Flight placement is an important consideration for blood circulation because some seats allow more legroom and movement.'
  6. 'They also have new light and airy interiors, more comfortable seats and extra legroom.'
  7. 'The exit rows often have a lot more legroom so that there is enough space to evacuate the airplane in case of an emergency.'
  8. 'The seats are amazingly comfortable, with plenty of legroom, even for a fairly long-limbed individual like myself.'
  9. 'In the back seat, a flat floor offers loads of legroom, and the cushy rear seats recline up to 10 degrees.'
  10. 'Unlike Southwest, Jet Blue has more legroom, leather seats and satellite TV on every seatback.'

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1. space sufficient for keeping one's legs in a comfortable position, as in an automobile.

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"sizes can be legroom."