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Make legitimate.
  1. 'When communities can't control the influx of outsiders and the outsiders are legitimised by central authorities then there is a problem.'
  2. 'Clause 56, therefore, simply codifies the practice which has grown up and legitimises it.'
  3. 'The international community's role should be to support this self-liberation, not legitimize the illegitimate.'
  4. 'Held consequently promotes the idea of a transnational democratic legal order circumscribed and legitimized by democratic public law.'
  5. 'Oakland county authorities pursued the case against Abraham in order to establish a precedent and legitimize the 1997 law.'
  6. 'Now he is suggesting that such steps be legitimized and sanctioned in advance.'
  7. 'In a sense, he is retroactively legitimising his curatorial work by casting it as a definitive art movement of the 1990s.'
  8. 'Nor does she think that the legislation legitimising it is likely to be revoked in the near future.'
  9. 'The act legitimized Lincoln's suspensions of habeas corpus and approved future suspensions for the duration of the war.'
  10. 'The legal institution of marriage legitimises some relationships and denies others.'

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1. to make legitimate.

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"sales can be legitimized."