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Having the power to make laws.
  1. 'Then, in October 1905, it was transformed into the supreme legislative and administrative body.'
  2. 'All government bodies, executive, legislative, and judicial are now subordinate to the government.'
  3. 'He examines the roles of the judicial and legislative bodies in the U.S. in framing labor markets.'
  4. 'In this way the Administration sidestepped both the legislative and judicial branches.'
  5. 'We have no charter defining the scope of the powers of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.'
  6. 'legislative proposals'
  7. 'The public reaction, in turn, sparked federal and state legislative proposals and more news stories.'
  8. 'The Parliament's legislative powers also have grown significantly since the Treaty of Rome.'
  9. 'It includes the methods for choosing the holders of executive, judicial and legislative power.'
  10. 'MsCoughlan said the next step would be the publication of formal legislative proposals by the Commission.'
  11. 'If the EU Council adopted the legislative proposal of May 18th, it would do so without democratic legitimacy.'
  12. 'I hope to bring the necessary legislative proposals to the House during the course of the year.'
  13. 'The reasoning was based on the constitutional separation of legislative and judicial powers.'
  14. 'The policy process does not end once agreement has been reached on a legislative proposal.'
  15. 'The Brazilian proposal also called for legislative protection for local production of cheaper generic drugs.'
  16. 'The second thing is that the Commission is not a court; it is a body exercising delegated legislative power.'
  17. 'The Angolan opposition has repeatedly called for legislative and presidential elections to be held next year.'
  18. 'The seat will be elected for the first time by the people in the April 2004 legislative elections.'
  19. 'This hot new trend of challenging legislative elections is getting out of hand.'
  20. 'The legislative election will be held on April 5, and new legislators will assume their posts in October.'
  21. 'Since the summer break, each caucus has put forward its own proposals for legislative reform.'
  22. 'While he has allowed legislative elections since then, he has shown no sign of relinquishing power.'
  23. 'When the pan-blue camp grabbed a victory in the 2004 legislative elections, people were shocked.'
  24. 'In 2003, the legislative elections were cancelled due to this intransigence.'
  25. 'Only a few fake ballot papers were found by the commission ahead of the April 5 legislative election.'
  26. 'The country requires four bills as the legal basis for the 2004 legislative and presidential elections.'


1. having the function of making laws: a legislative body.

2. of or relating to the enactment of laws: legislative proceedings; legislative power.

3. pertaining to a legislature: a legislative recess.

4. enacted or ordained by legislation or a legislature: legislative ruling; legislative remedy. noun

5. legislature.

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"powers can be legislative."

"assemblies can be legislative."

"changes can be legislative."

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