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Make or enact laws.
  1. 'Other forms of delegated legislation include the power of ministers to legislate by Order in Council and for local authorities to make by-laws.'
  2. 'In particular they should not be used to legislate.'
  3. 'He is attempting to pack the courts with zealots and activists who are not impartial and who will legislate from the bench.'
  4. 'Parliament has legislated that they are not be treated as a class but as individuals.'
  5. 'On this basis, Herron announced that the government would legislate to authorise construction of the bridge.'
  6. 'The National Government explicitly declined to legislate in order to overturn that precedent.'
  7. 'It makes good sense, however, to include as many species as possible when legislating in order to control contagious livestock diseases.'
  8. 'There is no doubt that the Parliament could so legislate, constitutional protections aside.'
  9. 'Otherwise, the Commonwealth could always legislate to say certain categories of State legislation are prohibited.'
  10. 'That is what we mean when we say the States cannot legislate about these matters in federal jurisdiction.'
  11. 'constitutional changes will be legislated'
  12. 'Trying to legislate a policy for something that doesn't yet exist would run up against all sorts of problems.'
  13. 'That's because their job is to apply the law, not legislate it.'
  14. 'Using this model, the Court determined that Article 10 was violated when Austria legislated a public monopoly on broadcasting.'
  15. 'Although Living Wills have been legislated through federal law, it has been left to each state to develop requirements for interpreting and implementing these documents.'
  16. 'Welcoming the government's decision, local human rights activists said there is no urgency to legislate the proposed law.'
  17. 'If the right to recall is legislated to become a law of the land, it can have a very sobering effect on our politicians; many of them take the voter for granted.'
  18. 'She asked Congress on Saturday to legislate stiff punishments for illegal loggers, stopping short of calling for the death penalty.'
  19. 'The greatest enemy is government, which has historically legislated privileges or restrictions based on gender.'
  20. 'The court arguably has implemented reforms that would have been better legislated by Congress, and without the balance that a Congressional debate would have facilitated.'
  21. 'The stores are reacting to the more than 30 states that already legislate such restrictions or have laws pending.'
Provide or prepare for (an occurrence)
  1. 'But even as a hero of the campaign to end American involvement in Vietnam, he was never a natural radical or a peacenik; his background and his neat haircut legislated against that.'
  2. 'Brebner says the number of last-minute goals has been unacceptable but says it is hard to legislate for individual mistakes.'
  3. 'The problem with conceding territory and allowing the other side to play in front of you is that it cannot legislate for crazy errors.'
  4. 'A lifestyle revolution, rather than a Marxist one, is required, and that is something that cannot be legislated for.'
  5. 'To spend so much for the sake of legislating against a minority doing something they never did is, to my effete southern mind, perverse.'
  6. 'He said a safety audit of the bridge design was carried out in the planning stage but this was a public structure and no one could legislate for every event.'
  7. 'There are a number of ways that waste prevention can be encouraged and legislated for.'
  8. 'There's no way we can legislate for that but we we must be on guard.'
  9. 'As far as former miner Terry Regan is concerned, you cannot legislate for human instinct when someone is breaking into your home.'
  10. 'There may be indeed be little that politicians can do to actively legislate for civic virtue but there are enormous harms that politicians could stop doing.'

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1. to exercise the function of legislation; make or enact laws. verb (used with object), legislated, legislating.

2. to create, provide, or control by legislation: attempts to legislate morality.

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"settlements can be legislated."

"caps can be legislated."

"requirements can be legislated."

"reforms can be legislated."

"wasteflows can be legislated."

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(legislate)Early 18th century: back-formation from legislation.