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A member of a legion, in particular an ancient Roman legion or the French Foreign Legion.
  1. 'The former French foreign legionnaire was overtaking four cars when the Nissan turned right and collided with the bike.'
  2. 'His legionnaires marched in full battle array, incorporated an advance guard, and maintained tactical integrity on the move.'
  3. 'There are a few idle sketches, including a rude caricature of a Roman legionnaire, but as you advance you begin to see signs of pre-historic painting along the walls.'
  4. 'Alongside the ghost cruise and the many ghost walks, tours of the cellar have started at the Treasurer's House, where Harry Martindale famously saw the Roman legionnaires.'
  5. 'It is kind of a risky thing to write a pop song about a legionnaire stuck in a desert.'
  6. 'To support the legionnaires, the Romans also used cavalry.'
  7. 'When on campaign the Roman legions used pack animals to transport the ten-man tents used by the legionnaires and spare missiles for the archers, slingers, and catapults.'
  8. 'The name annuity dates back to Roman legionnaires who were paid an annual pension when they retired from the army.'
  9. 'When they hit, a blast of light and heat and a rolling shockwave splintered all the siege engines and sent the legionnaires scrambling for cover.'
  10. 'I had it made for me, like all the other legionnaires, so it fits perfectly, even after all these years.'

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1. (often initial capital letter) a member of the American Legion.

2. a member of any legion; legionary.

More examples(as adjective)

"parades can be legionnaires."

"diseases can be legionnaires."


(legionnaire)Early 19th century: from French légionnaire, from légion ‘legion’, from Latin legio (see legion).