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The bacterium which causes legionnaires' disease, flourishing in air conditioning and central heating systems.
  1. count noun 'some legionellae are sensitive to this drug'
  2. 'The legionella was discovered in the showers, water basins and toilets during a routine inspection.'
  3. 'Infection occurs from exposure to legionellae organisms in the environment.'
  4. 'whirlpool baths can trap water in the pump, risking legionella'
  5. 'When antibiotics active against atypical pathogens were used, only pneumonia related to legionella showed a statistically significant improvement in outcome.'

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1. a genus of rod- or coccus-shaped aerobic Gram-negative bacteria, certain species of which, as L. pneumophila, produce legionnaires' disease.

More examples(as adjective)

"bacteria can be legionella."

"pneumophilas can be legionella."


(Legionella)1970s: modern Latin, from legion + the diminutive suffix -ella.