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The quality or state of being in accordance with the law.
  1. 'The legality of many actions taken during the settlement of the country was dubious at best.'
  2. 'In each of these jobs Nora was never asked for documentation of legality or social security number.'
  3. 'In some ways the need for legality hampers the intelligence services.'
  4. 'There is no provision for judicial determination of the legality of detention.'
  5. 'What we have here is a blatant undermining of the system under the cover of legality.'
  6. 'The legality of what they do must be subject to review by independent and impartial tribunals.'
  7. 'There has been a bit of debate about the overall legality of the cameras.'
  8. 'Licensees and police are awaiting clarification on the scheme's legality.'
  9. 'The union successfully defended a challenge to its legality by Wandsworth Council in the High Court.'
  10. 'One area where there has been much debate is the legality of testing for HIV without an explicit consent.'
  11. 'you need a solicitor to highlight the legalities of the contract'
  12. 'And I'm in no position to comment on the legalities of the situation.'
  13. 'There are very narrow, well-tailored grounds for review that relate to the legalities of the decision but they do not relate to the merits of the decision.'
  14. 'What really affects the federal and state governments is the issue of inheritance, money, property, and any other legalities involved.'
  15. 'As Deva says, it acts as a way to define in legal terms the relationship of two people, with implications for tax, legalities, immigration and so on.'
  16. 'The new law was announced at the end of last July and provincial officials have closely scrutinized the full meaning of the legalities involved.'
  17. 'Because that trial was still pending at the time, she couldn't discuss the facts of the case or the specifics of the legalities.'
  18. 'And what are narrow legalities and nitpicking ethics rules among friends?'
  19. 'Vows recited in a church or garden or on a mountaintop are separate from the legalities of marriage.'
  20. 'I still do not quite understand all of the legalities behind this.'
  21. 'I don't know the legalities, but I expect that any informal verbal contract would implicitly include something similar.'

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1. the state or quality of being in conformity with the law; lawfulness.

2. attachment to or observance of law.

3. Usually, legalities. a duty or obligation imposed by law.

4. Theology. reliance on good works for salvation rather than on free grace.

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"ethics can be legalities."


(legality)Late Middle English: from French légalité or medieval Latin legalitas ‘relating to the law’, from Latin legalis (see legal).