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Make (something that was previously illegal) permissible by law.
  1. 'And if you legalize it you can regulate it and get it out of the hands of organized crime.'
  2. 'So, should prostitution be legalised, decriminalised or are things best the way they are at the moment?'
  3. 'Two years later, the government introduced another measure legalizing civil marriage.'
  4. 'Having a marriage certificate legalises the partnership, but it doesn't guarantee happiness either for the couple or their children.'
  5. 'When the movement to legalize abortion began, advocates talked about the human costs of prohibition.'
  6. 'At least if marijuana is legalized it can be regulated.'
  7. 'In Nevada a measure that would have legalized possession of up to three ounces of the drug failed to gain the support it needed.'
  8. 'But in terms of individual possession there have been frequent calls for cannabis to be legalized.'
  9. 'In my opinion if prostitution is legalised and they are accepted into the community hundreds of lives could be saved.'
  10. 'Dr Anthony offered no statistics whatsoever to justify the government's determination to legalize certain abortions.'

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1. to make legal; authorize.

More examples(as adjective)

"practices can be legalised in places."

"casinos can be legalised in states."

"gamblings can be legalised."

"tradings can be legalised."

"killings can be legalised."

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