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The formal and technical language of legal documents.
  1. 'What do you expect from a document written in legalese?'
  2. 'The new sentencing guidelines are couched in 624 pages of legalese.'
  3. 'Unfortunately, the disclosures are hard to read due to legalese and boilerplate language.'
  4. 'Not only is the trust agreement filled with legalese, but it can be difficult to learn how a living trust operates and is administered.'
  5. '‘The speech dealt with a topic that called for a lot of academic jargon and legalese,’ says James.'
  6. 'On paper, Bill C - 71 reads like most pieces of government legislation: it's complicated, lengthy, and full of legalese.'
  7. 'Besides having financial institutions burying opt-out information in legalese, why must I opt-out of marketing programs every time I call the phone company for service?'
  8. 'I guarantee it is no less full of scientific mumbo jumbo than a purchase and sale agreement is full of legalese.'
  9. 'They say buyers don't have an adequate understanding of their declaration, which can be an inch-thick stack of legalese from a developer specifying what a condo can be used for, what can be changed about it and much more.'
  10. 'The article is ridiculously long (I'll try to shorten it, but I'm not sure quite what to cut), but I'm told that it's fairly readable - and it's pretty low on legalese.'

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1. language containing an excessive amount of legal terminology or of legal jargon.

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"outsides can be legalese."