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Something, especially food, remaining after the rest has been used.
  1. figurative 'he's just a leftover from another age'
  2. 'The leftovers, which were cold, were put into a vessel and re-heated before being served.'
  3. 'Of course, lunch is usually leftovers from the night before or a sandwich with a salad on the side.'
  4. 'Tonight I made him a baked potato to go with the leftovers and he gobbled it all up.'
  5. 'We were so full we didn't look at the dessert menu, but still both my guest and I brought home plenty of leftovers.'
  6. 'Microwaves have come a long way since the days when their main uses were defrosting meat and heating up leftovers.'
  7. 'It might interest you to learn that your own salad was constructed largely from last night's leftovers.'
  8. 'They indulge in a drinking spree, littering the whole table with soiled dishes and leftovers.'
  9. 'And there will be yummy leftovers in the fridge for making sandwiches to take to the Test.'
  10. 'Cook at home using organic ingredients and always save the leftovers either for tea the next day or a stock.'
  11. 'They would eat the stew for dinner, leaving leftovers in the pot to get cold overnight and then start over the next day.'


Remaining; surplus.
  1. 'Joncas' photographs of rotting and leftover refuse are a funny twist on the still-life genre.'
  2. 'Amateur gardeners can take any leftover pesticides to household waste recycling centres.'
  3. 'They still live in tiny houses constructed from leftover roofing, wood, whatever's lying around.'
  4. 'Maybe we'll get up at 3am for a midnight snack of leftover bread and pâté from the fridge.'
  5. 'He ate the leftover spaghetti and bread before he even realized it, then picked up the glass of water.'
  6. 'He had finished cleaning and was now pouring the leftover coffee on the remains of the fire.'
  7. 'This is a great idea for an Aussie Christmas dinner or even a better way to use the leftover turkey for a Boxing day picnic.'
  8. 'Similar to last year's party, I wound up with a ton of leftover beer and an extra cooler.'
  9. 'Izvestia said a Moscow lawyer tried this month to buy all the leftover copies of the issue in question from the magazine.'
  10. 'Drea knelt by the fire and began to empty the contents of the satchel into a pot of leftover water, allowing it to boil.'


1. Usually, leftovers. food remaining uneaten at the end of a meal, especially when saved for later use.

2. anything left or remaining from a larger amount; remainder. adjective

3. being left or remaining, as an unused portion or amount: leftover meatloaf.

More examples(as adjective)

"effects can be leftover from disruptions."

"funds can be leftover."

"papers can be leftover."

"assets can be leftover."

"foods can be leftover."

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