Adjective "lefthander" definition and examples

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A left-handed person.
  1. 'Yorkshire owed a big debt of gratitude to their three left-handers at Scarborough yesterday for giving them a chance of holding out for a draw against Somerset.'
  2. 'Lilly set a club record for strikeouts by a left-hander - the previous mark of 11 was accomplished twice by David Wells and once by Al Leiter.'
  3. 'In a world where disadvantages are usually weeded out by natural selection, how have left-handers survived?'
  4. 'Years ago, it was thought that there was a connection between handedness and language, but current research suggests that right-handers and about 70% of left-handers utilise the left brain for speech.'
  5. 'The game values left-handers overall and left-handed pitchers in particular.'
  6. 'What do Canadians, left-handers, and libertarians have in common?'
  7. 'It's obviously on that side so that right-handed people can operate it - which made me wonder whether anyone makes watches for left-handers.'
  8. 'And left-handers do conform, because they have to.'
  9. 'It's easy to think of reasons of why there might be negative effects on left-handers because they are living in a right-handed world.'
  10. 'We want to educate designers and manufactures to accommodate left-handers ' comfort and safety in new product and building design.'
A corner on a road or racing circuit that bends to the left.
  1. 'I dropped a couple of tenths of a second in the first sector, but where I really lost time was Turn eight, the downhill left-hander.'
  2. 'The track drops as you swing through this tight left-hander at 97 km/h in second gear.'
  3. 'There was not one corner where he didn't cut across blindly on the right-handers or drift out wide to the other side of the road on left-handers.'

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1. a person who is left-handed, especially a baseball pitcher who throws with the left hand.

2. Informal. a slap or punch delivered with the left hand.

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"sterlings can be lefthander."

"people can be lefthander."

"marks can be lefthander."

"greens can be lefthander."

"drapers can be lefthander."

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