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(of a person) using the left hand more naturally than the right.
  1. 'Next up was Benji, the left-handed batter who was grinning ear to ear.'
  2. 'It's one thing to be able to draw a gun, but it's another thing to be able to do it with your left hand if you're not left-handed.'
  3. 'He was left-handed and was therefore unable to take notes, and he had managed to escape homework from two classes on account of his injury.'
  4. 'It is also a plus that he is left-handed because we have lacked that variety at the top of the order.'
  5. 'I'm left-handed, and don't mind admitting that I fight like a girl.'
  6. 'Some people say that it's worse because I'm left-handed.'
  7. 'The West Indies team in the fifth Test against England at The Oval in 2000 included eight left-handed batsmen.'
  8. 'He didn't understand why everyone was so interested to see him write, and the judge pointed out that he was left-handed.'
  9. 'I'm afraid if you're left-handed, you're out of luck.'
  10. 'One thing I can't do is forge his signature, largely because he's left-handed and I'm not.'
  11. 'left-handed golf clubs'
  12. 'Since the weights are internal and are able to shift (by simply tipping the thing up) it can be used as either a left-handed or a right-handed planer.'
  13. 'But her desire to create was rekindled after receiving her first left-handed guitar for a birthday gift.'
  14. 'I'm a fan of fountain pens in general; at the moment, my regular pen is a left-handed Pelikano P450 that I bought at a German post office some time ago.'
  15. 'It can be converted from a right-handed weapon to a left-handed one by simply changing the bolt and casing ejector aperture.'
  16. 'my left-handed scrawl'
(of a screw) advanced by turning anticlockwise.
  1. 'The crystal structure of the Max homodimer shows it to be a parallel, left-handed, four-helix bundle with a hydrophobic core.'
  2. 'Recent structural experiments have suggested that the domain may also contain left-handed polyproline helices.'
  3. 'In fact, a wide range of structural proteins have coils in which two or three helices are wound around each other to form a left-handed superhelix conformation.'
  4. 'We are hoping that he will be happier at Cheltenham with its left-handed track and a bigger hill.'
  5. 'It is a left-handed track with sturdy fences, making it a suitable preparation venue for Grand National hopefuls.'
  6. 'It is a left-handed, wide track suited to powerful gallopers and is seen as being flat and fair.'
  1. 'What I just said could be considered a left-handed compliment.'
  2. 'There is nothing Mosley takes for granted about Wright, giving what might be a left-handed compliment in saying Winky sometimes fights to the level of his competition.'
  3. 'It may seem a left-handed compliment to say The Industry Standard was by far the best and most professional of this lot, but I mean it sincerely.'


With the left hand.
  1. 'Do you swing a golf club left-handed or right-handed?'
  2. 'Upon finding the ball up against the boundary fence, he was heard to comment: ‘I couldn't hit this thing left-handed!’'
  3. 'The doctor developed tendonitis in his right elbow and had to dribble the last three hours of the 108-mile run left-handed.'
  4. 'A 2-year-old Phil, a natural right-hander, insisted on swinging a golf club left-handed so that he could mirror his dad.'
  5. 'Schaffer had Murray hit left-handed every other day before home games for about three weeks.'
  6. 'Thus I eat, write, golf, and play tennis right-handed, but throw, bowl, shoot pool, and play basketball left-handed.'
  7. 'The Pathway to Excellence scheme means that Bilton junior, who bats and bowls left-handed, has been taken under the wing of the county club and has the chance to progress to their academy and ultimately to the first team.'
  8. 'It's like watching someone who is right-handed throw left-handed for a change.'
  9. 'Try reaching across to use your computer mouse left-handed.'


1. having the left hand more dominant or effective than the right; preferably using the left hand: a left-handed pitcher.

2. adapted to or performed by the left hand: a left-handed tool; a left-handed tennis serve.

3. situated on the side of the left hand.

4. Machinery. rotating counterclockwise. noting a helical or spiral member, as a gear tooth or screw thread, that twists counterclockwise as it recedes from an observer.

5. Building Trades. left-hand (def 3).

6. ambiguo

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"serves can be lefthanded."

"golfers can be lefthanded."

"victories can be lefthanded."

"rods can be lefthanded."

"opponents can be lefthanded."

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