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On, towards, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing which is to the west when the person or thing is facing north.
  1. 'the left side of the road'
  2. 'Another shot had hit her in the left knee, and this bullet also remained in her body.'
  3. 'He placed the sharp edge against his left cheek, just below his eye but didn't make a cut.'
  4. 'I reached out with my left arm, towards the window and gently rested my hand upon it.'
  5. 'King testified that the angles of impact were on the left side of the body and the right side of the head.'
  6. 'Take your right leg, bend it and pull the knee over towards the floor next to your left side.'
  7. 'He fell off of me, and as he got up I punched him square on the side of his left eye.'
  8. 'He still has difficulty using his left-hand side and has a splint on his left ankle.'
  9. 'She was the victim of another stroke last March which affected the left side of her body and impaired her vision.'
  10. 'Whenever I am extremely stressed, I suffer from an infection on the side of my left foot.'
  11. 'Bandages covered the left side of his face and his left arm, which lay atop the blankets.'
Relating to a person or group favouring radical, reforming, or socialist views.
  1. 'left periodicals such as Marxism Today'
  2. 'There has been no real fight against the Le Pen vote organised by the dominant left parties.'
  3. 'Wills has been forced into adopting a more left posture to defend his parliamentary position.'
  4. 'This is less than the combined share of the smaller left parties in the first round.'
  5. 'The Respect coalition has shown people are willing to vote for a left alternative.'
  6. 'But there is also a much wider necessity to put forward a viable left alternative to Labour.'
  7. 'The large left vote in the elections shows that it can still be an independent force in Indian politics.'
  8. 'The left union leaders should issue a call for action in our workplaces for peace on 1 May.'
  9. 'A united left campaign to rebuild the union at school level is urgently needed.'
  10. 'Some people think that it's the time to create a left alternative outside the Labour Party.'
  11. 'In the absence of a real left alternative, the working class had to choose between one devil and another.'


On or to the left side.
  1. 'keep left'
  2. 'Follow the lane and at the next road junction bear left to another junction of lanes.'
  3. 'Continue to the main road, turn left and then right at a junction with the B6365.'


The left-hand part, side, or direction.
  1. 'the general sat to his left'
  2. 'Follow the path over a ladder stile that leads in front of the farmhouse then cross the stile to the left by a gate after the house.'
  3. 'He was sitting on my left while Tyson sat on my right holding a bag of ice on his black eye.'
  4. 'She looks at him, shakes her head, and moves slightly to the left so she's standing in front of the other bank of tills.'
  5. 'There is a small bar area to the left as you walk inside and then the main dining room to the right.'
  6. 'Cross over to the left hand side and the canal can be reached on the left via a series of wooden steps.'
  7. 'They were in a small room with a table to the right side, and a small window to the left.'
  8. 'Swing left here and follow the path under pylons with the wall on the left.'
  9. 'A truck passed them on the left going the opposite direction, with Jared at the wheel.'
  10. 'They claim she began to lose weight and leaned badly to the left when sitting in a chair.'
  11. 'This climbs gradually on to the high plateau north of Bynack Mor and swings gently to the left of the mountain.'
  12. 'Celtic go on a rare foray outside their own half and win a free-kick just to the left of the Milan box.'
  13. 'Villa gained possession and advanced into the penalty area to the left of goal.'
  14. 'Brian Flynn made a great burst down the left with a goal very much on his mind.'
  15. 'take a left here'
  16. 'Make a right, and two lefts, than another right.'
  17. 'She went down the stairs with me trailing along while telling me a few things I needed to remember, turned a few lefts and rights until I didn't know where I was, and finally stopped at a large door.'
  18. 'I knew Lake Forest well enough to envision where I was going by the lefts and rights we took but I lost track once we made the fifth turn.'
  19. 'my road's the first left'
  20. 'a left to the body'
  21. 'Although O'Malley continued to come forward McLeod delivered all of the important shots, hitting him with rights and lefts.'
  22. 'Hunt KOs Jerome, with a flurry of lefts and rights, polished off by a right hook to the head that tracks him down to the mat.'
A group or party favouring radical, reforming, or socialist views.
  1. 'he is on the left of the party'
  2. 'This would be the time for the Left to unite and lay the basis for the party that Argentinian workers need.'
  3. 'One is never enough because the Left is going to distort the facts just as much as the Right.'
  4. 'The Left's place, in this conception, is clearly on the side of the victims of the imperial power.'
  5. 'The parties of the Left and of the Right are in conflict because they both aim at supreme power.'
  6. 'The radical Left will need better representation than Ralph Nader at the next election.'
  7. 'The Left has much in common with the radicals in the Green movement and wants to work with them.'
  8. 'Critics of America are not, in any case, drawn exclusively from the pacifist Left.'
  9. 'The book is littered with one-liners and anecdotes that will be familiar to activists on the Left.'
  10. 'The cover, then as now, was a moral imperialist fantasy that appealed to parts of the Left.'
  11. 'That a common approach on all the central questions was agreed is significant for the Left in Europe.'


    1. of, relating to, or located on or near the side of a person or thing that is turned toward the west when the subject is facing north (opposed to right).

    2. (often initial capital letter) of or belonging to the political Left; having liberal or radical views in politics.

    3. Mathematics. pertaining to an element of a set that has a given property when written on the left of an element or set of elements of the set: a left identity, as 1 in 1 ⋅ x = x. noun

    4. the left side or som

    More examples(as adjective)

    "sugars can be left in stocks."

    "plenties can be left at lines."

    "ideologues can be left off committees."

    "ideologues can be left at requests."

    "energies can be left at ends."

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    (left)Old English lyft, left ‘weak’ (the left-hand side being regarded as the weaker side of the body), of West Germanic origin.


    have two left feet
    left, right, and centre (also left and right or right and left)