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A tall stand with a sloping top to hold a book or notes, from which someone, typically a preacher or lecturer, can read while standing up.
  1. 'Designed with lightweight durability in mind, the lecterns may be moved from room to room and still look new for years to come.'
  2. 'Use as an A / V cart or as a base for the Tabletop Lectern to create a 45’ high lectern.'
  3. 'You'll find a variety of attractive styles in this section, including full-size podiums, table top lecterns and adjustable-height lecterns.'
  4. 'Standard on this lectern is a table top cable trap with two power receptacles, and an articulating keyboard platform with an 8’ range of vertical adjustment.'
  5. 'Choose from large models for video projection, mobile lecterns, traditional, and tabletop lecterns.'
  6. 'Move this attractive, affordable lectern from room to room and keep your notes in order and your audiences wowed.'
  7. 'We are proud to supply from stock, subject to availability, a large selection of freestanding floor or tabletop acrylic lecterns, manufactured to the highest standards by our own workforce, using only the best quality materials.'

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1. a reading desk in a church on which the Bible rests and from which the lessons are read during the church service.

2. a stand with a slanted top, used to hold a book, speech, manuscript, etc., at the proper height for a reader or speaker.

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"issues can be lectern."


Middle English: from Old French letrun, from medieval Latin lectrum, from legere ‘to read’.