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Covered or bound with leather.
  1. 'The next room is deeply wooded and leathered, luminously brown and opulent, gently mirrored and boothed and windowed.'
  2. 'The interior is like something from the pages of a Vogue home furnishings magazine with soft, muted greys making up the fascia, split with a polished grey birch decorative inlay and a chromed and leathered bespoke interior.'
  3. 'He leaned his head back against the leathered seat and drew his hat lower over his eyes.'
  4. in combination 'black-leathered punks'
  5. 'The woman laughed, shook out her hair and waved a leathered hand in the air.'
  6. 'Vin Diesel is the leathered, tattooed roughneck superspy, and the spot sends up Bond tropes like his relationship with Q and his penchant for cool cars and hair's-breadth escapes, but it does it with mock solemnity.'
  7. 'When I was a lad growing up in Cardiff, I was delighted to discover that one of my very favourite bands - the tightly leathered, stadium-rocking Thin Lizzy - were playing a gig in town.'
  8. 'an aged man with leathered skin'
  9. 'He doesn't really look bush-ready, nor does he boast the leathered skin of a man who spends his life in the outdoors.'
  10. 'His face was leathered, lean, and strong.'
  11. 'These treatments really benefit people with very sun-damaged or leathered skins.'
  12. 'Richard is a short man with leathered skin, twinkling eyes and a perpetual ax to grind.'
Extremely drunk.
  1. 'She was a bit leathered.'
  2. 'Are you planning on getting leathered tonight?'
  3. 'What would you do if you saw your mate getting leathered?'
  4. 'I'm off to get well and truly leathered.'
  5. 'The game usually only lasted eight or nine rounds before everyone was completely leathered.'
  6. 'What is it about exercise that provokes the desire to get leathered?'
  7. 'Usually on a day off, I get leathered.'
  8. 'She's got a lovely fella, and they're settling down, but she called me, leathered from a bar.'


1. the skin of an animal, with the hair removed, prepared for use by tanning or a similar process designed to preserve it against decay and make it pliable or supple when dry.

2. an article made of this material.

3. stirrup leather. adjective

4. pertaining to, made of, or resembling leather: leather processing; leather upholstery.

5. Slang. catering to or patronized by customers who typically wear leather clothing, often as a means of signaling interest in or preference for sad

More examples(as adjective)

"luxuries can be leathered."

"wheels can be leathered."

"feet can be leathered."

"cuffs can be leathered."