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pronoun & determiner

Smallest in amount, extent, or significance.
  1. 'he never had the least idea what to do about it'
  2. 'it's the least I can do'
  3. 'Everyone knows what has to be done and how it is to be done with the least civil disruption.'


To the smallest extent or degree.
  1. 'turning up when he was least expected'
  2. 'I never hid the truth, least of all from you'
  3. 'Those who are entitled to tax credits are the least able to afford this delay.'
  4. 'Surprisingly, Freddie came out as the least bizarre of all of us on this, as what you see tends to be what you get with her.'
  5. 'She's just about the the least interesting character they've ever had in there.'
  6. 'The scale has five levels with one being the least serious and five the most serious.'
  7. 'Why, then, do we continue to use the motifs of the Great War, the least defensible of all wars?'
  8. 'The most virtuous of mothers can be putty in the hands of the least virtuous of sons.'
  9. 'Paragliders are not cheap, though they represent one of the least expensive ways to get into the air.'
  10. 'This was, and still is, one of the least known of the wartime special regiments.'
  11. 'Let us assure you that this was the least political meeting we have ever attended.'
  12. 'The least treacherous way out of the impasse is a compromise that can be justified by the demands of the time.'


Used in names of very small animals and plants, e.g. least shrew.


    1. smallest in size, amount, degree, etc.; slightest: He gave the least amount of money of anyone.

    2. lowest in consideration, position, or importance. noun

    3. something that is least; the least amount, quantity, degree, etc.

    4. South Midland U.S. the youngest in a family or group. adverb, superl. oflittle withless as compar.

    5. to the smallest extent, amount, or degree: That's the least important question of all. He ta

    More examples(as adjective)

    "others can be least of alls."

    "jobs can be least out of efficiencies."

    "institutions can be least in demands."

    "excesses can be least in souths."

    "concentrations can be least in groups."

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    Old English lǣst, lǣsest, of Germanic origin; related to less.


    at least
    at the least (or very least)
    least said, soonest mended
    not in the least
    not least
    to say the least (of it)