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The holding of property by lease.
  1. as modifier 'leasehold premises'
  2. 'Moreover, the legal status of leasehold titles needs clarification whilst provisions for the transfer and inheritance of leases will improve security of tenure.'
  3. 'For instance, a 10-year leasehold interest may not be like-kind with an 18-year leasehold interest.'
  4. 'it is still a leasehold'
  5. 'All lessees on the airport shall be responsible for keeping all aircraft parked on their leaseholds entirely within the boundaries of the leasehold with no wing, tail, nose, or other portion of the aircraft extending over such boundaries.'
  6. 'He gave the pledge after a series of MPs made pleas for leaseholds to be scrapped.'

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1. property acquired under a lease.

2. a tenure under a lease. adjective

3. held by lease.

More examples(as adjective)

"interests can be leasehold."

"properties can be leasehold."

"lands can be leasehold."

"improvements can be leasehold."

"rights can be leasehold."

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Early 18th century: from lease, on the pattern of freehold.