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The leasing of a property, especially one recently purchased, back to the seller.
  1. 'A sale leaseback or credit tenant lease program can be an effective way to reduce the negative impact of real estate ownership while simultaneously obtaining low-cost financing.'
  2. 'The Federal Acquisition Regulation Council has issued a final rule and a proposed rule relating to sale leasebacks and a final rule relating to post retirement benefits other than pensions.'
  3. 'Sale and leaseback financing is a unique and effective method for generating capital for your business needs.'

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1. the disposal of a building, land, or other property to a buyer under special arrangements for simultaneously leasing it on a long-term basis to the original seller, usually with an option to renew the lease.

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"transactions can be leaseback."

"financings can be leaseback."

"debts can be leaseback."

"agreements can be leaseback."

"terms can be leaseback."

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