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Jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.
  1. figurative 'Fabia's heart leapt excitedly'
  2. 'Vicky's heart leaped nearly a mile, but she forced herself to remain cool.'
  3. 'So by rights we should be in the midst of spring, with lambs leaping, the smell of dew hanging in the air and the sight of rowers happily plodding home from the Cherwell.'
  4. 'I nodded, my heart leaping like an excited fish out of the water.'
  5. 'Still, my heart leapt as memories of my father and my childhood came flooding back.'
  6. 'He scanned the crowd and his heart leapt excitedly when he spotted her.'
  7. 'Icelanders are brought up to leap across waterfalls, spring through rivers, run down mountains, run up mountains.'
  8. 'Leg and arm raised, he is shown at the apex of his celebration, seconds before his caddie leapt excitedly into his arms.'
  9. 'He jumped at the sound, his heart leaping into his throat until he realized that the scratchy call was coming from the tiny communicator attached to his vest.'
  10. 'His solution has been to drop to all fours and force rushers to leap or trip over him.'
  11. 'When the 27-year-old was forced to leap for his life, he bounced 50 yards down the road with other cars swerving to avoid him.'
  12. 'OK, you don't get to leap tall buildings in a single bound.'
  13. 'We heard raucous laughter and audible thuds as people leapt the fence into the yard.'
  14. 'If you don't have that momentum built up, sometimes you cannot leap the gap.'
  15. 'He leapt the fence, his toe claws pushing off from the top rail.'
  16. 'He then leapt a fence and galloped over the hill deep into the field.'
  17. 'The woman was sometimes caught or confronted on properties or in her victim's homes but always made a getaway, once through a hole in a hedge and on another occasion by leaping a fence.'
Move quickly and suddenly.
  1. 'When certain all is well, he leaps quickly to his feet, but stumbles slightly, exhausted from the pain and effort of retaining dignity.'
  2. 'The figure suddenly leaped forward with determination and disappeared behind the shrubs.'
  3. 'It suddenly leapt forward at full gallop as if it had been stung, leaving white, surfing churns and spirals of water in its wake.'
  4. 'His enemies were coming on quickly now, leaping from tree to tree with a speed Matthew had previously thought them incapable of.'
  5. 'Some motorists have even forced pedestrians to leap for safety.'
  6. 'She is constantly on the move, leaping up or squirming in her seat when she has a point to make, or a writer to quote.'
  7. 'The door swung open before he could reach it, and he was forced to leap back to avoid having his nose broken for the second time.'
  8. 'He moved on, leaping from shell-hole to shell-hole, using the muddy craters for cover from the flying shrapnel.'
  9. 'The Concorde leaped forward with the other MIGs quickly following.'
  10. 'I didn't know what the feeling was, but suddenly he leapt forward and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me silently.'
  11. 'everybody leapt into action'
  12. 'Although some bird-lovers have leapt to their defence, there is an undeniably anti-social element among the pigeon fraternity.'
  13. 'Others, though, have leapt to his defence, claiming the gainsayers just don't get it.'
  14. 'But friends and colleagues leapt to his defence, insisting they had issued a public thank you for his rescue.'
  15. 'A gang which tried to mug a Selby woman in broad daylight was thwarted when her dog leapt to her defence.'
  16. 'they leapt at the opportunity to combine fun with fund-raising'
  17. 'When the university approached Uncle Sam about the idea of an alumni center, he leaped at the opportunity.'
  18. 'When industrial palynology was in its infancy he leaped at a chance for retraining as a palynologist at Amoco's Tulsa Research Center.'
  19. 'Frankly, if I were Sir Alex, I'd be leaping at the chance to sell a creaking derelict to my fiercest rivals for nearly £7m.'
  20. 'The country leapt at the chance to buy into a pack of lies.'
  21. 'The number of fatal road accidents in North Yorkshire leapt dramatically last year, according to new figures.'
  22. 'Gross profit margins leaped in the three months to 9.8 per cent from 2.9 per cent.'
  23. 'It expects sales to leap 175 per cent for 2004 compared with the year before.'
  24. 'Beer prices may have leapt somewhat since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, but you're still going to get plenty of hangovers per pound.'
  25. 'It said sales leapt 30 per cent in the second quarter.'
  26. 'Flat prices consolidated in the second quarter of this year after leaping 25 per cent in the first quarter.'
  27. 'Petrol stations in some cities are rationing diesel, with prices leaping on the black market, according to official reports.'
  28. 'Wholesale gas prices leapt fivefold over the past few weeks and wholesale electricity prices have increased 150 per cent as a result.'
  29. 'His earnings have leapt dramatically from £3m to £33.5m in the year to September 30.'
  30. 'However, he added, sales leaped dramatically in December and also this past spring.'
  31. 'amid the notes, a couple of items leap out'


A forceful jump or quick movement.
  1. 'With a quick wink and a leap, he flew over the river to my side.'
  2. 'But secondly, this increasing resolution of the project is visible as a series of jumps or leaps.'
  3. 'It's all here - ridiculous sound effects, frankly unfeasible flying leaps, slow motion sequences.'
  4. 'With a quick leap, she landed on the stairs and ran up them hurriedly.'
  5. 'He runs in the 4.4 range and has a 37-inch vertical leap.'
  6. 'The 23-year-old began her assault on the overnight leader with the best leap in the long jump, 6.61 metres.'
  7. 'She took a flying leap from there outside and into the grass, which is where I grabbed her.'
  8. 'He took a running leap and jumped onto the cot, sending it crashing to the ground.'
  9. 'Once again, at the mention of said dizzy-eyed shooting guard, my heart made a dramatic leap, causing me to nearly fall out of my chair.'
  10. 'In a quick leap, he had jumped from the veranda and had sped off into the field after me.'
  11. 'a leap of 75 per cent in two years'
  12. 'But the most incredible leap in prices has to be that of prawns: the same restaurant offered prawns at 99c each!'
  13. 'This price leap was the result of huge public subsides, amounting to over £16 billion, and the fact that the network was flogged off at around a quarter of its real value.'
  14. 'The leap in price was daunting, and we hemmed and hawed for a year before saying okay, let's buy.'
  15. 'Tighter cost control and increased fees resulted in a 14.5 percent leap in profits to $1.46 billion.'
  16. 'This article on energy policy shows that fuel shortages and price leaps are almost entirely created by government meddling.'
  17. 'In 2000 it claimed a 53 percent leap in profits to $2.27 billion.'
  18. 'A leap in price, reflecting recent good news at the company, could occur if its offer is taken off the table.'
  19. 'Subsequent annual and interim figures go a long way to explain the massive share price leap.'
  20. 'Price rises were inevitable, given the leap in fuel costs, driver pay increases and higher insurance.'
  21. 'This is a leap of 47 per cent in the region on the previous year - double the national increase of 23.5 per cent.'
  22. 'There is some hyperbole in this, but the leap of imagination was certainly enormous.'
  23. 'We passed whole aeons of evolutionary progress in great leaps, seemingly overnight.'
  24. 'That's the leap of imagination that's necessary for faith - or even for a fully informed discussion of faith, even if one does not have faith oneself.'
  25. 'More mainstream retailers found the checkout system difficult to replicate and, Miles said, worried that most shoppers were not ready for such a leap.'
  26. 'They want to see things happen and change, but not in terms of great leaps forward.'
  27. 'Small papers across the country are teeming with ambitious young reporters hoping one day to make the leap to major dailies.'
  28. 'Grand schemes, wild ideas, crazy notions, and intuitive leaps of imagination are, of course, encouraged and fertilized.'
  29. 'It doesn't require a great leap of imagination to detect what Barbra Streisand, Janis Joplin, Carly Simon and his second wife, Rita Coolidge, saw in him.'
  30. 'It now requires a leap of the imagination to see any recovery across the Euro-zone as a whole this year.'
  31. 'It wasn't such a leap from Super Ball to Super Bowl.'
  32. 'Lover's Leap'
A group of leopards.
  1. 'We saw herds of elephants, impala, water buffalo, antelope, and a leap of leopards.'
  2. 'The location is a favourite afternoon hangout of a leap of leopards.'
  3. 'Bandhavgarh National Park boasts one of the highest densities of Bengal tiger in the world, along with a breeding leap of leopards.'

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1. a simple past tense and past participle of leap. leap [leep] /lip/ Spell Syllables verb (used without object), leaped or leapt, leaping.

1. to spring through the air from one point or position to another; jump: to leap over a ditch.

2. to move or act quickly or suddenly: to leap aside; She leaped at the opportunity.

3. to pass, come, rise, etc., as if with a jump: to leap to a conclusion; an idea that immediately leaped to mind. verb (used with obj

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"straights can be leapt."

"losses can be leapt."

"forwards can be leapt."

"backs can be leapt."

"outs can be leapt."

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Old English hlēapan (verb), hlȳp (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lopen, German laufen (verb), and Dutch loop, German Lauf (noun), all meaning ‘run’, also to lope.


a leap in the dark
by (or in) leaps and bounds
leap to the eye