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Having a leak or leaks.
  1. 'If high levels of both molecules are found, it indicates a leaky gut condition.'
  2. 'The town will be disturbed, therefore, to learn that the church is facing a £400,000 repair bill for its roof and leaky tower.'
  3. 'Like the ticking of an old clock or a leaky water tap, you get so used to it that it simply seems to disappear after a while.'
  4. 'Her home was no longer a Victorian style house with a two car garage, a temperamentally leaky roof, and a basketball goal.'
  5. 'One reason the law of leaky abstractions is problematic is that it means that abstractions do not really simplify our lives as much as they were meant to.'
  6. 'And the fire service has been asked for advice about a leaky tap.'
  7. 'That's hardly surprising given the salt spray and leaky roof in the current place.'
  8. 'If they'd fix one leaky tap that's been dripping for at least 9 years next to the church we'd probably save on a load of water expenses!'
  9. 'There really is nothing behind his eyes but for a leaky roof dripping into a pale blue bucket.'
  10. 'The repairs should take two to three weeks, and include installing new air conditioning, new plumbing and repairing a leaky roof.'
Given to disclosing secrets.


    1. allowing liquid, gas, etc., to enter or escape: a leaky boat; a leaky container.

    2. Informal. unreliable: a leaky memory; a leaky tongue.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "defences can be leakier."