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A member of a particular league, especially a sports player.
  1. 'One strike against him: the losing battle to get major leaguers into Olympic baseball.'
  2. 'Minor leaguers are subjected to drug tests, but 40-man roster members are not.'
  3. 'There still are too many veterans and career minor leaguers around for the team to be in full rebuilding mode.'
  4. 'We had 24 players - college guys and minor leaguers.'
  5. 'But players seep through the cracks, and every season more players make spending a quick buck on a minor leaguer worth every penny.'
  6. 'The team is tired of looking at minor leaguers who aren't top prospects.'
  7. 'What's more, almost 50 percent of 5,781 minor leaguers were in the same category.'
  8. 'Last season many young minor leaguers pushed themselves closer to getting their shot to play in the major leagues.'
  9. 'In the letters section of the September issue, a reader asked which city had the most native-born major leaguers who won MVP Awards.'
  10. 'This is for younger guys on the team and minor leaguers who are on the roster but will be sent down at the first cut.'

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    1. a member of a league.

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    "homers can be leaguers."


    (leaguer)Late 16th century: from Dutch leger ‘camp’. Compare with laager, lager, and lair.