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Having many leaves or much foliage.
  1. 'leafy bushes'
  2. 'A retractable awning provides instant shade when the sun moves beyond a leafy almond tree, and a broad railing serves as auxiliary seating.'
  3. 'A tree pressed its leafy branches to my window, and through the mesh of leaves I caught hints of hedges and flowerbeds.'
  4. 'They were, as I had guessed, thick with leafy trees and swarming with life.'
  5. 'They observed Asian elephants, both wild and captive, tearing off leafy side branches from trees or from unwieldy limbs already on the ground.'
  6. 'While all around them, beautiful trees waved their leafy fans in the air and two loyal horses gazed at their puzzling humans.'
  7. 'From the peak it's only about a half mile down until you reach where the trees start getting leafy, and then it isn't too much farther until you get to the creek, which is very close to where the bears live.'
  8. 'In this exhibition, the dominant color was the luminous green of the leafy vines that spread over many of his canvases, sometimes obscuring nearly everything else.'
  9. 'There under a leafy banyan tree, the boy was sitting.'
  10. 'It's the most beautiful leafy tree in the school.'
  11. 'The shade trees were leafy and always green, but absolutely gigantic.'
  12. 'green leafy vegetables'
  13. 'Unlike the water-saturated and rocky land further west, south-east Ireland boasts leafy grasses, moderate rainfall, and good drainage.'
  14. 'This high biomass habitat, the ‘core’ habitat, is usually dominated by a few large leafy species that are superior competitors for light.'
  15. 'It eats mainly grass seeds and other green leafy vegetation.'
  16. 'The reduction did not occur with potatoes and legumes, and was highest with cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables.'
  17. 'Choose from dark leafy salad greens, asparagus, spinach, broccoli and more.'
  18. 'Rows of bright green, leafy tobacco plants grow in a humid greenhouse.'
  19. 'Sulphuric acid is still the most widely used desiccant on potatoes, used to wither the leafy foliage, or haulm, before harvesting.'
  20. 'One serving is one cup of raw leafy vegetables, or one medium apple.'
  21. 'Frantically twisting the leafy herbs into various intricate shapes of power, he adorned her chest, pointing them so that all invoked power would be directed to the amulet.'
  22. 'Leafy greens, beans, and orange juice are good sources of folate.'
  23. 'Fruit plates and salad plates are available in plenty in multi-coloured shades in leafy patterns from Germany.'


1. having, abounding in, or covered with leaves or foliage: the leafy woods.

2. having broad leaves or consisting mainly of leaves: leafy vegetables.

3. leaflike; foliaceous.

More examples(as adjective)

"trees can be leafy with hours."

"suburbs can be leafy."

"vegetables can be leafy."

"lanes can be leafy."

"streets can be leafy."

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