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  1. 'Here, the stark, leafless trees are showing their first spring life, thrusting forth buds of triumphant red.'
  2. 'It was perhaps a natural thought that the approach of winter should drive the shivering, hungry ghosts just like the cattle from the bare fields and leafless woods into the warm cottages.'


1. one of the expanded, usually green organs borne by the stem of a plant.

2. any similar or corresponding lateral outgrowth of a stem.

3. a petal: a rose leaf.

4. leaves collectively; foliage.

5. Bibliography. a unit generally comprising two printed, blank, or illustrated pages of a book, one on each side.

6. a thin sheet of metal: silver leaf.

7. a lamina or layer.

8. a sliding, hinged, or detachable flat part, as of a door or tabletop.

More examples(as adjective)

"trees can be leafless."

"branches can be leafless."

"stems can be leafless."

"shoots can be leafless."

"woods can be leafless."

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