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An event, point, or sequence that leads up to something else.
  1. 'In the lead-up to the big race, we take a look at some of the legendary cars that have raced in Bathurst.'
  2. 'The lack of agreement on specific policy measures was underscored in the lead-up to the meeting.'
  3. 'Everything has gone quiet in the lead-up to the federal election but, once the poll is over, expect the talk to begin again.'
  4. 'And all this action was taking place in the lead-up to the last election.'
  5. 'It was in the lead-up to her marriage to Jonathan that she decided to quit her job as a primary school teacher in York and enter the wedding business.'
  6. 'Unfortunately, the lead-up to it deserved, if not the same level of urgency, at least something approaching it.'
  7. 'For the region's playgroups and nurseries it has been a feast of babies, bonnets and bunnies in the lead-up to Easter.'
  8. 'We are left with a deep and palpable sense of the class hatred that gained momentum in the lead-up to the coup.'
  9. 'There are fears that the violence could get worse in the lead-up to the handover of power on the 30th of June.'
  10. 'The hesitancy and uncertainty that characterised the lead-up to this conflict has now been taken into the battlefield.'

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1. something that provides an approach to or preparation for an event or situation.

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"works can be leadup."

"matches can be leadup."