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Most important.
  1. 'The present upsurge of the Manipuri people would be marked in history also by the way in which women played a leading role in furthering the movement.'
  2. 'He has figured in a number of leading roles for Ballinrobe Musical Society, including Danilo in The Merry Widow.'
  3. 'This winter, chiffon dresses and smart coats in red, burgundy, pink and purple play the leading role in the collection.'
  4. 'Who or what is the consumer to believe when leading investment experts have such conflicting views?'
  5. 'He has directed the United States to play a leading role in the recovery effort, and we will continue to do that.'
  6. 'By the 1960s she was acclaimed as the country's leading female jazz vocalist and film actress.'
  7. 'He won his first Oscar for his part in One Flew Over the Cucko's Nest, a second for Terms of Endearment and his third for the leading role in As Good As it Gets.'
  8. 'So when I'm offered a leading role in a movie, it's great, because I get to do more of what I love to do.'
  9. 'And in 1994 he signed with the nation's leading independent label.'
  10. 'And it has become an important leading indicator of where the economy is heading.'


Guidance or leadership, especially in a spiritual context.
  1. 'No, it is a God-and-Spirit work - a response to the leading and the driving of the Godhead.'
  2. 'It is a longing for a church that raises up leaders who recognize that leading and listening are not mutually exclusive.'
  3. 'We can give thanks that through the leading of the Spirit we do not tolerate slavery, but that does not set Spirit against Word.'
  4. 'Thus, if we are not willing to give total obedience to his leading, we should not pray for blessing from above.'


The amount of blank space between lines of print.
  1. 'Most scrapbookers don't know what kerning or leading are and how to adjust them accordingly.'


1. chief; principal; most important; foremost: a leading toy manufacturer.

2. coming in advance of others; first: We rode in the leading car.

3. directing, guiding. noun

4. the act of a person or thing that leads.

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"stories can be leading."

"shares can be leading."

"banks can be leading."

"newspapers can be leading."

"currencies can be leading."

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