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(of petrol) without added tetraethyl lead.
  1. 'In the same way that oil companies moved rapidly to lead-free petrol, PC manufacturers wish to cut out the contaminating element by moving to non-lead alternatives.'
  2. 'By 2005, the entire continent will be using lead-free gasoline.'
  3. 'The improvement is due to the city's encouragement of lead-free petrol which started in 1997.'
  4. 'The big difference with the JTS engine is that it can use ordinary lead-free petrol, while still giving worthwhile improvements in power and torque outputs over the existing 2.0 litre twin spark unit.'
  5. 'Public awareness of the problem has led to the wide use of lead-free petrol and reduced levels of environmental lead.'
  6. 'This will be done by using lead-free petrol and by fitting catalytic converters to vehicles.'
  7. 'With the introduction of lead-free petrol, hopefully the figures should fall, as they have in Delhi and Mumbai, which require unleaded gasoline.'


1. unleaded.

More examples(as adjective)

"petrols can be leadfree."