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Dull, heavy, or slow.
  1. 'He lay down on his pallet still pondering, but the exhaustion from his long vigil the previous day swept him off almost at once into a dreamless, leaden sleep.'
  2. 'Drowsily, in a voice leaden from heavy drinking, he hits me up for a favor: Fill in for him in an arena concert Kiss is giving that night, only hours away.'
  3. 'Sluggish acting and leaden dialogue make this drama a colossal no-no.'
  4. 'Patrick's body felt overly heavy and leaden, not at all like his own.'
  5. 'The leaden sensation made her head and feet heavy.'
  6. 'Once wide awake, even enterprising, they slowly become dilatory, leaden, slow, laggard, and lumpish.'
  7. 'Since then, with issues ranging from the environment to social justice to human rights, the leaden center has been an albatross weighing heavily against progress.'
  8. 'But she was suddenly struck by a chill that ran down her spine, a heavy leaden feeling in the pit of her stomach as she finally realized what she had down.'
  9. 'I looked at her through sleep leaden eyes and groaned.'
  10. 'I swam around in circles, unwilling to return to the shore, unable to surrender this state of aquatic, marine grace to the dull, leaden heaviness of dry land.'
Of the colour of lead; dull grey.
  1. 'The brick-like tome devotes ten pages to our city, mostly praising it to the leaden skies.'
  2. 'I looked up at dark branches silhouetted against a leaden sky.'
  3. 'Toward the west the sky was still dark: not the empty dark of a night sky but the leaden solidity of storm clouds building.'
  4. 'After four glorious days of sunshine, the fifth day of the hike dawned grey with a leaden ceiling blanketing the sea.'
  5. 'Only the sky was turning a leaden grey, the tide was low, and we were hungry, or at least I was.'
  6. 'In this novel the sky is always leaden grey, the light is smoky, the rain is pelting the windows and it is cold.'
  7. 'The wood's emerald greenness seemed somehow remarkably rich, although - or maybe because - the clouds above the treetops were a dark leaden grey.'
  8. 'In one, tongues of flame and wisps of smoke begin to emerge from the trailer's windows, while in another, the blaze has engulfed it, and a cloud of thick black smoke rises above the sullen trees into the leaden sky.'
  9. 'To my eye, the gardens that looked best under leaden skies were those that used colour in other ways than planting.'
  10. 'Just one droplet to start with, but the sky was leaden grey and there was much more fallout in store.'
  11. 'a leaden coffin'


1. inertly heavy like lead; hard to lift or move: a leaden weight; leaden feet.

2. dull, spiritless, or gloomy, as in mood or thought: leaden prose; a leaden atmosphere.

3. of a dull gray color: leaden skies.

4. oppressive; heavy: a leaden silence.

5. sluggish; listless: They moved at a leaden pace.

6. of poor quality or little value.

7. made or consisting of lead. verb (used with object)

8. to make leaden, sluggish, dull, etc.: Fatigue had leadened his brai

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"skies can be leaden."

"weights can be leaden."

"seas can be leaden."

"feet can be leaden."

"people can be leaden."

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Old English lēaden (see lead, -en).