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(of windowpanes or a roof) framed, covered, or weighted with lead.
  1. 'Tucked away in a courtyard of 15 th-century Cerne Abbey, in Dorset, Cerne Abbey Cottage is all leaded windows, mellow masonry and old-world loveliness.'
  2. 'They had to actually get an axe to the beautiful leaded windows to get the water in.'
  3. 'She was waiting in the library, ensconced at her desk in the puddle of sunlight that seeped through the leaded windowpanes.'
  4. 'But in a great cathedral church, with six foot thick walls, vaulted stone ceilings, and leaded roof - well, you would never have imagined that it could make such a noise.'
  5. 'The leaded windows are quite difficult to replace so we are going to have to put plain glass in for the time being.'
  6. 'While she was looking, something came with a tremendous crash against the window, and sent the leaded panes and the old wooden framework inward in shivers, the water pouring in after it.'
  7. 'Dappled by the fluid, playful light reflected from the canal below the vast leaded windows, a uniformed maid deals with sheaves of dead foliage from a small copse of indoor plants.'
  8. 'The house has been very well maintained by its owners and includes polished oak flooring, a solid pine kitchen, double glazed leaded windows and landscaped gardens.'
  9. 'Today, rows of chipboard panels cover the smashed leaded glass windows at the 15 th-century building.'
  10. 'The lack of internal shutters suggests that there may have been leaded casement windows before the double-hung windows were installed.'
(of petrol) containing tetraethyl lead.
  1. 'Despite the clearly established danger - particularly to children - leaded gasoline is still exported to eastern Europe and the global South.'
  2. 'It wasn't until the end of 1995 that the Clean Air Act and corresponding EPA regulations finally prohibited leaded gasoline as a motor vehicle fuel.'
  3. 'He said because unleaded petrol was generally more expensive to produce than leaded fuel, Government would initially be required to provide incentives to the public in order to encourage consumption.'
  4. 'Because of these dangers, leaded petrol is being phased out.'
  5. '‘The first and most important step is to make policies to provide better fuels before we look for alternative fuels,’ he said, suggesting the consumption of leaded gasoline be reduced.'
  6. 'We have not managed to phase out the consumption of leaded petrol, and as a result, every year more than 4000 people fall victim to air pollution in Iran.'
  7. 'So, this year I embark on a second year course, which covers things like the rise and fall of leaded petrol, and nuclear power.'
  8. 'The replacement fuel is for vehicles designed to use only leaded petrol.'
  9. 'And leaded petrol is still used in a lot of developing countries, despite everything we know about its negative health effects.'
  10. 'Of these, 99.9 percent are powered by leaded gasoline and diesel fuel.'
(of print) having the lines separated by spaces.


    1. (of gasoline) containing tetraethyllead.

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    "gasolines can be leaded."

    "petrols can be leaded."

    "cargoes can be leaded."

    "reformates can be leaded."

    "fuels can be leaded."

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