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An open area of grassy or arable land.
  1. 'Some distance away, atop a grassy knoll upon the lea, they had laid her to rest in an unmarked grave, as alone in death as she had been in life.'
  2. 'It's nearly 20 years since those gallant lads o’ Fife, led by Christie, set off from the hamlet of Freuchie, in the lea of the Lomond Hills, en route to cricket's HQ at Lord's and a date with destiny.'
  3. 'He is also aware of the need to sow grass seed to ensure a choice of area for lea ploughing next year.'


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    1. a tract of open ground, especially grassland; meadow.

    2. land used for a few years for pasture or for growing hay, then plowed over and replaced by another crop.

    3. a crop of hay on tillable land. adjective

    4. untilled; fallow.

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    "ploughs can be lea."


    (lea)Old English lēa(h), of Germanic origin; related to Old High German loh ‘grove’, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit lokás ‘open space’, Latin lucus ‘grove’, and perhaps also light.