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A discharge, especially temporary, of a worker or workers.
  1. 'Yet the chief executives of these companies remain relatively low-profile, making headlines only when announcing expansions or job lay-offs.'
  2. 'City and county managers have warned of staff lay-offs and increased charges as a direct consequence.'
  3. 'He has the battle scars of dealing with cost-cutting and staff lay-offs.'
  4. 'Privatisation leads to massive lay-offs and pay cuts for workers.'
  5. 'A union statement said business conglomerates were threatening the livelihood of casual workers by mass lay-offs and unilateral termination of contracts.'
  6. 'Unless urgent measures are drawn up to pull visitors back to the province, local tourism operators fear that staff lay-offs are inevitable, particularly in the hotel trade.'
  7. 'Unlike clashes between workers which often resulted in disciplinary lay-offs, these cases frequently merited the ultimate sanction of discharge.'
  8. 'Unions sources, meanwhile, strongly hinted the dispute could be labelled official due to the lay-offs and workers being locked out of sites.'
  9. 'Nor are redundancies arising from lay-offs and short-time working included, even though two workers each put on half-time still means a job lost.'
  10. 'If there are lay-offs, they will probably be sales related.'
A period during which someone does not take part in a customary sport or other activity.
  1. 'This latest loan agreement has come at an ideal time for him to get back into competitive football after suffering two injury lay-offs.'
  2. 'Despite a lengthy lay-off from the sport, he showed that he has lost none of his speed or punching technique.'
  3. 'He may boast a freshness his rivals do not have after his lengthy lay-off from the sport.'
  4. 'The Cork senior player did make an appearance in the quarter-final against Doonbeg and showed no ill-effects of his 14 week lay-off with a back injury.'
  5. 'Five goals to Smith's credit in two games, after a lengthy lay-off due to injury.'
  6. 'I had a good season at Chelsea prior to my long lay-off due to injury and had scored nine goals.'
  7. 'That was his first run-out of the season after an injury lay-off but his reputation as a big-time player might earn him a place back in the starting line-up.'
  8. 'Still not back to his best after his injury lay-off; hasn't got his timing right but there are signs of improvement.'

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1. the act of dismissing employees, especially temporarily.

2. a period of enforced unemployment or inactivity.

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