Adjective "lay" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


Put (something) down gently or carefully.
  1. 'Cleo cradled her broken arm and gently lay it so it was supported by her lap.'
  2. 'Becca carefully laid the last pieces of her clarinet in their places and snapped the case shut.'
  3. 'Chuckling, I scooped them up in the palm of my hand and laid them gently on top of a soft pile of Green Stamps and bore them so to London town.'
  4. 'Sasha laid his new sister carefully in the playpen that had been erected in the corner of the living room.'
  5. 'I frown and move closer to him, laying my hand gently on his shoulder.'
  6. 'Liza smiled gently, laying her cheek against his chest.'
  7. 'Softly and carefully she removed each jewel that kept her hair in place before laying it gently on her lap.'
  8. 'He took off his long jacket and laid it carefully across the back of the chair and took his boots and glasses off as well.'
  9. 'He lays a hand gently on my shoulder, stretching his arm further round my back when I do not push him away.'
  10. 'He laid the gun gently on the stool next to her plate.'
  11. 'there may have been the odd light shower just to lay the dust'
  12. 'There was a thunder storm here this morning, and I was hoping that the rain might lay the pollen and dust a bit.'
  13. 'The rain the day before cooled the air and laid the dust.'
Put down and set in position for use.
  1. 'The ancient and largely uncomfortable seating would be replaced and the giant 2,300-seater Oval Hall redecorated and a new carpet laid.'
  2. 'With the blue carpet only laid recently and the translation booths still to be fitted out, the 13th floor has yet to be finished.'
  3. 'It's certainly better than the nanotechnology-thick carpet that was previously laid directly onto the concrete screed.'
  4. 'In addition the ventilation system is being improved, seats have been re-covered and new carpets are being laid.'
  5. 'The Red Carpet was especially laid for the guests who really enjoyed their stay there.'
  6. 'He hid it away carefully, thus laying the groundwork for a future evil villain to rediscover it at some later time and take over the world then.'
  7. 'The drums scatter while a trembling, funky bass-riff lays the ground work for the string section to lead.'
  8. 'Overnight these streets have been laid with colored sawdust carpets.'
  9. 'The Green Room features a table laid ready for a meal.'
  10. 'Once they have prepared and cooked the two-course meal, the children sit down at a table they have laid and eat together.'
  11. 'I remember looking into one and seeing a little dining table laid out with tiny silver cutlery.'
  12. 'The tables were being laid, and there's a Bouncy castle for the children.'
  13. 'No expense had been spared in the ballroom itself, where the tables had been laid for a lavish banquet.'
  14. 'He stepped into the kitchen to see his sister laying the table for them both.'
  15. 'The entrance hall has original floor tiles laid out in a herringbone design, moulded cornices and an original ceiling rose.'
  16. 'When I arrive in out of the cold, the tables are laid with fresh white tablecloths, gleaming cutlery and sparkling wine glasses.'
  17. 'It will also have a new hard surface laid for older children to play ball games.'
  18. 'Beautiful golden cream tiles lay upon the floor along with some that were chocolate brown.'
  19. 'One example of this was a blind elderly woman who had non-slip tiles laid on her bathroom floor to minimize the risk of injury.'
  20. 'The all-weather surface comprises artificial turf laid onto a rubber composite material, giving a realistic feel.'
  21. 'Modern display units feature large sliding trays laid with tiles, enabling customers to envisage a whole floor.'
  22. 'A new plastic surface will also be laid for the event.'
  23. 'he was making newspaper knots before laying a fire in the fireplace'
  24. 'A fire has been laid for us in the parlour and I am certain we have much to discuss.'
  25. 'The girl closed the door, lit lamps and a fire that was already laid, then shuttered the only window of the one room cottage, as if wanting privacy.'
  26. 'I hastily finished laying the fire before going down below the stairs to the kitchen.'
  27. 'The rooms were bigger than The Laughing God's, but no fires had been laid, there were no hot baths, and meals cost two coppers apiece.'
  28. 'A trap should only be laid if it is part of the overall strategic plan.'
  29. 'A pest-control company has told me there is no evidence of any activity in the attic, though traps and poison were laid.'
  30. 'In the ensuing panic, it appears other hostages had inadvertently set off booby traps laid in the theatre by the rebels.'
  31. 'By now, the immediate surroundings were quiet, most of the troops had mustered at the south side of camp in preparation to spring the trap that had been laid.'
  32. 'Those involved in the ambush said a trap had been laid, and that the area was marked with defensive earth berms and firing positions.'
  33. 'Last weekend, I laid down traps to catch the rats.'
  34. 'But she wasn't ready to accept him yet, it could be an elaborate trap laid by one of the Four.'
  35. 'They have fallen into the trap the publishers laid down nearly 300 years ago.'
  36. 'There was still many hours of daylight left, plenty of time to lay out the trap in his mind.'
  37. 'But the trap has usually been laid for the opponent, supported by a strong defense and kicking game.'
  38. 'I'd like more time to lay my plans'
  39. 'Plans had also been laid to raise more then £1 million locally.'
  40. 'Plans are being laid to turn the clock back 60 years across large swathes of the resort for three days in early September.'
  41. 'A spokesman had earlier said the police could not act solely on the basis of a video and that someone had to lay a charge before an investigation could be started.'
  42. 'There may be other cases where allegations are put forward in some other form, and that may be an appropriate case for the Board to lay a complaint before the Tribunal.'
  43. 'Thereafter, the Secretary of State lays the report before Parliament pursuant to Section 73.'
  44. 'I've recruited a great blogger to fill in for me for a few days since I'm unable to lay my pearls before you with the frequency you deserve.'
  45. 'Section 31 required that the code should not be issued unless a draft had been laid before and approved by a resolution of each House of Parliament.'
  46. 'It may otherwise generally regulate its own procedure, but it must lay a report before Parliament.'
  47. 'The government will then lay an order before Parliament before they become effective from November.'
  48. 'We voters must not feel singled out by the Prime Minister's refusal to lay the full facts before us.'
  49. 'no one who knew the area could be in doubt where the scene was laid'
  50. 'But despite taking $25,000 bets before, she will be content with laying a more modest wager.'
  51. 'Something funny is going on here… I'd lay all my money on a bet that it was the Emperor who sent that spell to kill me.'
Used with an abstract noun so that the phrase formed has the same meaning as the verb related to the noun used, e.g. ‘lay the blame on’ means ‘to blame’
  1. 'The blame here cannot be laid on some interagency squabble between, say, the State Department and the Pentagon.'
  2. 'Yet it is all too easy to lay all the blame at the door of the coach and call for quick fixes.'
  3. 'The report lays much of the blame at door of the UK's planning authorities.'
  4. 'The finger of blame cannot be laid at the door of the team management, for our planning was immaculate.'
  5. 'It's just easier to lay all the blame squarely on the shoulders of smokers.'
  6. 'Yet not all the blame can be laid at the feet of the activists, because it was the very nature of the government's debate process that encouraged them to act as they did.'
  7. 'All the mistakes are clearly coming into the light, blame is being laid down hard and fast and there is nowhere to hide, not a spin left in the cycle.'
  8. 'No single reason explains this sorry state of affairs - the region is too parti-coloured for the blame to be laid at any one door.'
  9. 'If any blame is to be laid at all, it is at the defense's door for this delay.'
  10. 'Then stress should be laid accordingly so that one treats the root.'
(of a female bird, insect, reptile, or amphibian) produce (an egg) from inside the body.
  1. no object 'the hens were laying at the same rate as usual'
  2. 'Female flies lay eggs every two or three days, 300 eggs each time, which means the number of flies will rocket if not controlled.'
  3. 'A mother bird lays her eggs and protects them as they grow.'
  4. 'On another day, we all rushed to the headman's home after hearing that a chicken had laid a strange egg.'
  5. 'They were overjoyed as the mother bird laid eggs.'
  6. 'However, some insects selfishly lay their own eggs in empty cells rather than taking care of the queen's eggs.'
  7. 'In fact most perching birds lay eggs that are mostly white except for a ring of reddish spots around the blunt end.'
  8. 'The female wasp lays her eggs inside the developing medfly egg.'
  9. 'At night on the beaches, giant turtles would lay their eggs.'
  10. 'For example, turtles lay their eggs within hours in beach sand and then leave them.'
  11. 'Female turtles begin laying their eggs at age 50 and then come back to lay them every six years for another 50 years.'
Have sex with.
    Follow (a specified course)
      Trim (a hedge) back, cutting the branches half through, bending them down, and interweaving them.
      1. 'The ancient art of hedge laying is alive and well thanks to a lone Preston craftsman, plying his trade around the area's villages.'
      2. 'Members of the group spend Sundays laying hedges and developing the grounds of the church.'
      3. 'I had just arrived in the park to do some hedge laying.'


      The general appearance of an area of land.
      1. 'They know the lay of the land literally, and they know what a hurricane of this type will do.'
      2. 'Just as we are getting a feel for the lay of the land, we stumble on a new wing we had almost forgotten had existed.'
      3. 'As they say, there is safety in numbers, so if you're in an unfamiliar place, stay with a group, at least until you know the lay of the land.'
      4. 'Then, in a remarkable burst of rail building energy, engineers began cutting straight swaths across the lay of the land.'
      5. 'I'm sort of going to give you the lay of the land and then we'll go inside.'
      6. 'She had no idea of the lay of the surrounding land, and nowhere to stay.'
      7. 'They dream of living off the land of their parents - but the lay of the land has changed a lot since 1948.'
      8. 'Give us a lay of the land right now, just about two weeks before the caucuses.'
      9. 'Animals are often better at working out the lay of the land than are human beings, and Isobel's horse was no exception.'
      10. 'And he sees it all and always has a real good feeling about the lay of the land, but his heart is really unique.'
      11. 'roll the carpet against the lay of the nap'
      An act of sexual intercourse.
        The laying of eggs or the period during which they are laid.
        1. 'Both male and female breeders are subject to a restricted feeding regime for their first few weeks of life - about 20 days to the point of lay.'

        More definitions

        1. to put or place in a horizontal position or position of rest; set down: to lay a book on a desk.

        2. to knock or beat down, as from an erect position; strike or throw to the ground: One punch laid him low.

        3. to put or place in a particular position: The dog laid its ears back.

        4. to cause to be in a particular state or condition: Their motives were laid bare.

        5. to set, place, or apply (often followed by to or on): to lay hands on a chil

        More examples(as adjective)

        "works can be lay for mechanisms."

        "talks can be lay for developments."

        "students can be lay on lecturers."

        "roads can be lay between avenues."

        "processors can be lay off workers."

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