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Lack of strictness or care.
  1. 'laxity of discipline'
  2. 'He was a theologian with well-defined critiques of secularism and unhealthy laxity of behavior on moral precepts.'
  3. 'The looseness of the journalistic life, the seeming laxity of the newsroom, is an illusion.'
  4. 'The author admonishes British authorities on the laxity of their border controls.'
  5. 'There is also an implied promise of laxity for future polluters.'
  6. 'The right to divorce is not a right to sexual laxity.'
Looseness of a limb or muscle.
  1. 'Because of connective tissue laxity, care should be taken in the degree of stretching.'
  2. 'Improvement in skin laxity was observed in the majority of patients.'
  3. 'It appears that the major problem accounting for failure of the arthroscopic approach is excessive or recurrent laxity of the articular capsule.'
  4. 'Female hormones also lead to ligamentous and tendon laxity.'
  5. 'Aged sun-protected skin is characterized by a general laxity, thinning, and the presence of numerous fine wrinkles.'

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1. the state or quality of being lax; looseness.

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"interpretations can be laxity."