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Not sufficiently strict, severe, or careful.
  1. 'he'd been a bit lax about discipline in school lately'
  2. 'Delay, impractical documentary formalities, lax enforcement, continuing widespread visibility of piracy and the export of pirated goods remain concerns.'
  3. 'Most students who graduate enjoy the two years of creative freedom, lax discipline and reasonable workload.'
  4. 'There has been lax security on internal US flights.'
  5. 'Indeed, she seems not to recognize that state-sponsored inequalities foment terror far more effectively than lax banking laws.'
  6. 'The punishment must fit the crime, neither too lax nor too severe.'
  7. 'This strikes me as a pretty lax approach to national security.'
  8. 'A review of electronic security inside commonwealth agencies has reportedly uncovered a culture of theft and lax security inside the public service.'
  9. 'Today, a year later, airport security is as lax as ever.'
  10. 'The campaign has targeted allegedly lax regional and local governments.'
  11. 'Those two sides have plenty of time to interact due to the ludicrously lax security arrangements.'
(of the limbs or muscles) relaxed.
  1. 'And with that said, her body went completely lax in his arms.'
  2. 'An underlying slight twitch of muscles as she tensed, then sighed and those muscles went completely lax as she sagged against me and snugged her head a bit closer.'
  3. 'He had, by now, stood up, but his lanky limbs were still lax as his back steadied itself against the wall.'
  4. 'His friend sagged slightly then, something that looked like the beginnings of tears glimmering on his eyelashes as he pulled lax fingers into action and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.'
  5. 'Not caring, she continued to sit there, muscles that had been corded with stress, now lax and pliable.'
  6. 'Urging greater effort as unaccustomed exercises take toll of muscles rendered lax by soft chairs and rich food.'
  7. 'His arms were lax as they began slipping off of her when she moved.'
  8. 'He was round, balding, and held a monocle in one lax hand.'
  9. 'Adele slumped back into the chair and forced her muscles to go lax.'
  10. 'The glass dropped from his lax fingers onto the floor.'
  11. 'The unfortunate offset was that the hydronically excited children became rather lax in the bladder department, and messy assisted toilet trips were required.'
  12. 'In view of the time required to move to more peripheral vowel positions, tense vowels tend to be peripheral and lax vowels closer to schwa, the neutral or central vowel.'


  1. 'We offer lax for boys and girls of all ages – whether you’re just starting in Pre K or want to play Varsity in high school.'
  2. 'Outdoor lax is at Northville Community and Millenium Parks.'
  3. 'I wanted to know if you had any suggestions for teaching him how to play lax like you do.'


1. not strict or severe; careless or negligent: lax morals; a lax attitude toward discipline.

2. loose or slack; not tense, rigid, or firm: a lax rope; a lax handshake.

3. not rigidly exact or precise; vague: lax ideas.

4. open, loose, or not retentive, as diarrheal bowels.

5. (of a person) having the bowels unusually loose or open.

6. open or not compact; having a loosely cohering structure; porous: lax tissue; lax texture.

7. Phonetics. (of a vowel)

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"whichs can be lax in places."

"wests can be lax in years."

"standards can be lax in areas."

"securities can be lax with guards."

"securities can be lax in areas."

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1950s: abbreviation of lacrosse, with x representing crosse (by association with cross).