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An area of short, regularly mown grass in the garden of a house or park.
  1. as modifier 'a croquet lawn'
  2. 'In my yard, several square yards of lawn disappear each year to make room for more rosebushes.'
  3. 'There is dual side access to the wonderfully private rear garden with large lawn, a raised deck area and patio area.'
  4. 'Fourth, a well-kept lawn or park is a good thing round a nice house.'
  5. 'There are chipped pathways through flower beds, lawns and a patio area.'
  6. 'It has nine bedrooms and is surrounded by more than 11 acres of lawn, gardens and mature woodland.'
  7. 'A big yard, with a lawn and garden, lots of windows, open plan, big patios, shady trees.'
  8. 'I'll never forget its shady walks and ancient trees, its soft green lawns and parterres bursting flowers.'
  9. 'At the moment the gardens are mainly in lawn with a patio area, mature trees and shrubs.'
  10. 'For a short stroll before dinner though, the lawns around the house are lovely.'
  11. 'A former tennis court to the east of the house was transformed into a croquet lawn.'
  12. 'More than 52,000 bulbs decorate their detached houses among spacious lawns in Northwich Road.'
  13. 'Mow the lawn before you go, leaving short clippings on the lawn to feed back nutrients.'
  14. 'Mary walked up the sloping lawn of her back yard and met Todd standing by the stable.'
  15. 'Just a couple grubs per square foot are not a problem to an otherwise healthy lawn.'
  16. 'Rake over and re-seed bare patches on the lawn and sow new lawns by the end of September.'
  17. 'Cut lawns regularly, once a week at least, when the grass is growing quickly.'
  18. 'Here's an excuse to let a section of lawn grow tall and go to hay, or plant some of it to alfalfa, red clover or oats.'
  19. 'The grounds are very well kept and the lawns are cut to a high standard.'
  20. 'There was a little park near her house with a big lawn and a few swings.'
  21. 'In general, avoid sowing seed of any annual grasses into a lawn of perennial grasses.'


A fine linen or cotton fabric used for making clothes.
  1. 'I can't visit without buying at least two printed cotton lawn quilts at give away prices.'
  2. 'Spliced with a dash of crisp white linen or lawn cotton, though, it becomes sharp, chic and seductive.'

More definitions

1. a stretch of open, grass-covered land, especially one closely mowed, as near a house, on an estate, or in a park.

2. Archaic. a glade.

More examples(as adjective)

"years can be lawns."

"outsides can be lawns."

"operations can be lawns."


(lawn)Middle English: probably from Laon, the name of a city in France important for linen manufacture.