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A machine for cutting the grass on a lawn.
  1. 'A mechanically propelled vehicle covers not only cars but electric or motorised wheelchairs and ride-on lawnmowers.'
  2. 'The other half of the garage was crowded with lawnmowers, weed-whackers, tools, and excessive amounts of junk.'
  3. 'These paths are merely strips of grass - perhaps two lawnmowers wide - weaving through a yard full of flowers.'
  4. 'The change, coming by way of an amended noise by-law, now allows residents to operate lawnmowers and other power machinery as early as 9 a.m.'
  5. 'Then back-hoes, lawnmowers and tree pruning equipment put diesel emissions into the air and pesticides and fertilizers into the water.'
  6. 'They would not spend their hard-earned money on lawns, lawnmowers, backyard barbecues, household appliances, and mortgages.'
  7. 'Falls from ladders cause the most injuries, followed by accidents with electrical tools such as lawnmowers, power drills and hedge strimmers.'
  8. 'He was waiting to retrieve one of his garden service's lawnmowers, locked in a friend's garage, and said he'd walk with me because he had something huge to tell me.'
  9. 'Residents storing petrol for their strimmers or lawnmowers are being reminded to take care.'
  10. 'I walked back outside, watching Jake as he finished off the lawn and wheeled the lawnmower back to the garage.'

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1. a hand-operated or motor-driven machine for cutting the grass of a lawn.

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