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A small aromatic evergreen shrub of the mint family, with narrow leaves and bluish-purple flowers, used in perfumery and medicine.
  1. 'The Shakespeare Garden is planted with herbs referred to by Shakespeare in his plays, including mint, camomile, marjoram and lavender.'
  2. 'The sensory garden would include scented flowers, such as lavender and honeysuckle, and a water feature.'
  3. 'Climbing roses, jasmine and honeysuckle were trained up the walls and rosemary and lavender borders lined the flower beds.'
  4. 'And be sure to include herbs: fennel, oregano, lavender, bee balm, and sage.'
  5. 'Shrub roses underplanted with catmint or lavender will seldom suffer from greenfly infestations.'
  6. 'A heady, often impenetrable mix of shrubs, herbs and wild flowers, such as lavender, myrtle, marjoram and thyme, its elusive scent permeates everything from the wine to the honey.'
  7. 'Prune grey-leaved shrubs such as artemisia, lavender, sage and senecio to new shoots within 10 cm of the base.'
  8. 'Thyme, rosemary, marjoram and lavender will act as a magnet for bees and butterflies.'
  9. 'We've got hawthorn, gingko, elder, mullein, lavender, sage, thyme, echinacea, borage, yarrow and plenty of pine trees.'
  10. 'Compact herbs such as chives, dwarf basil, lavender, and oregano fit nicely into the openings of concrete blocks.'
  11. as modifier 'a cake of lavender soap'
  12. 'Six drops each of eucalyptus oil and lavender oil mixed together and massaged into the painful area will also help.'
  13. 'His rose oils come from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, the vanilla comes from Madagascar, the lavender from Provence.'
  14. 'The hand-painted, hand-dyed silk-velvet pillow is filled with chamomile, lavender, rosemary and flaxseed.'
  15. 'Often I put lavender oil in my bath, because I love the fragrance; aromatherapists tell me it is supposed to be calming.'
  16. 'A few drops of lavender oil in a bowl of warm water, placed on a table away from windows, will also provide protection against bacteria.'
  17. 'Pennyroyal oil or lavender oil brushed onto woodwork surrounding doorways and kitchen benches will also help to keep flies away.'
  18. 'And to relieve insomnia, try putting a drop of basil, chamomile, clary sage or lavender onto your pillow at night.'
  19. 'For skin soothing benefits, try Roman or German chamomile, lavender, patchouli or sandalwood.'
  20. 'He mentioned that it took about a ton of lavender flowers to make a liter of lavender oil.'
  21. 'Essential oils should almost never be used neat on skin - exceptions are lavender oil and tea tree oil in small amounts.'
  22. 'Soft gray leaves give it its name, cotton lavender, also known as gray santolina.'
  23. 'The little purple dots on top of the white sepals in the green circle above are about all that will remain of the Sea Lavender flowers when dried.'
  24. 'In fact, he loathed the lavenders so much, he said he'd cross the street if he saw a homo approaching'
  25. as modifier 'she had a certain lavender charm'
  26. 'A faint air of lavendered family drama, hangs over proceedings, but the unusual context provides its own stimulus.'
A pale blue colour with a trace of mauve.
  1. as modifier 'she wore a lavender silk dress'
  2. 'She wore a lavender linen robe with a wide violet sash wrapped around her midsection.'
  3. 'A bit of pale, lavender blue thread looped around the needle's eye.'
  4. 'She wore icy lavender eyeshadow that was pale compared to her lightly tanned skin and dark purple lipstick outlined her lips.'
  5. 'The 20-30 light lavender, bell-shaped flowers are fertile and funnel shaped.'
  6. 'For example, in spring, the guests wear sky blue, grass green, pale rose, lavender, and buttercup yellow.'
  7. 'Its gracefully arching branches are loaded with clusters of cool pink flowers hinting of lavender.'
  8. 'Some are white, many in hues of lavender and lilac, pale mauves and deep purples, and a host of other colors.'
  9. 'Walls, blinds and tablecloths were in misty shades of lavender blue and mauve.'
  10. 'The walls were a light lavender, the floor and ceiling were white.'
  11. 'Most flowers are lavender, purple, or fluorescent pink.'


Perfume with lavender.

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    1. a pale bluish purple.

    2. any Old World plant or shrub belonging to the genus Lavandula, of the mint family, especially L. angustifolia, having spikes of fragrant, pale purple flowers.

    3. the dried flowers or other parts of this plant placed among linen, clothes, etc., for scent or as a preservative.

    4. Also called lavender water. toilet water, shaving lotion, or the like, made with a solution of oil of lavender. adjective

    5. of the color lavender.

    6. Informal. of or relating to

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    "oils can be lavender."

    "bushes can be lavender."

    "waters can be lavender."

    "people can be lavender."

    "flowers can be lavender."

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    Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French lavendre, based on medieval Latin lavandula.