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Clothes and linen that need to be washed or that have been newly washed.
  1. 'Under a pile of dirty laundry, she retrieved two large flashlights and some batteries.'
  2. 'Washed, laundry is in the washer, tent is airing, boots are scrubbed, cleaned and re-proofed… and already my week away is beginning to feel like a dream.'
  3. 'Sure, I'll obsess over a book or the folder structure on a hard drive, but laundry piles up in my big basket for weeks, and I never remember to water the plants.'
  4. 'One day, in comes a gangly, loud-talking hippie longhair sporting a shirt fresh off the dirty laundry pile.'
  5. 'They lug their dirty laundry to the neighborhood Laundromat, lug their groceries home and then lug the bags of garbage to the curb.'
  6. 'Adam put on some pants and picked up a random shirt from his dirty laundry.'
  7. 'We have seen your dirty laundry hanging on the line. We know.'
  8. 'Yesterday I began tackling the mountain of clean laundry.'
  9. 'She had searched everywhere and by chance stumbled across Bert's pile of dirty laundry and saw it sticking out from underneath.'
  10. 'He walked back into the bathroom and tugged off his T-Shirt, throwing it in a pile of dirty laundry he had yet to do.'
  11. 'The closet was full of clothes and shoes, and dirty laundry littered the floor.'
  12. 'She went to the couch, newly cleared of laundry, and sat down.'
  13. 'It just means laundry, cleaning, shopping and cooking for yourself.'
  14. 'But as the eldest, I started to help tidy and do the washing-up and laundry.'
  15. 'Women contributed to the family income by taking in boarders and doing their laundry and cooking.'
  16. 'What better way of dealing with the emotional hardship of living out of a suitcase than a place where you can do your own cooking and laundry?'
  17. 'Whenever my mom's out, I'm always the one washing dishes or doing laundry.'
  18. 'The drying process for doing laundry at home is either hanging clothes on a clothesline or tumbling them in a gas- or electric-heated dryer.'
  19. 'Washing dishes and doing laundry are two processes that waste a lot of water, power, and time.'
  20. 'Bill's girlfriends were used to taking care of Bill by doing the cooking, cleaning and laundry.'
  21. 'Indoor pools combining washing and laundry facilities sprang up in cities.'
  22. 'I've spent most of the weekend cleaning and doing laundry - yawn.'
A room in a house, hotel, or institution where clothes and linen can be washed and ironed.
  1. 'The garden level accommodation is completed by a good-sized laundry / utility room and a guest toilet.'
  2. 'He is an orderly and keeps the laundry room clean.'
  3. 'One night I was in the laundry room reading and washing and Karen came in with a basket of clothes.'
  4. 'This floor is above two bedrooms, a bathroom, a hallway and a laundry room.'
  5. 'In living areas task lighting is provided by table, desk or floor lamps; in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries room fixtures such as halogen downlights should be placed over work areas.'
  6. 'At the back of the castle, it was the former laundry and generator house, but now includes a dining hall, kitchen, three bedrooms, sitting room and bathroom.'
  7. 'I still have the family, living and dining room to do, but the sliding glass door, the kitchen and the laundry room are finished.'
  8. 'The part three storey and part four storey block would include 15 car parking places, its own house manager, a laundry room, communal lounge and garden.'
  9. 'The home had only two bedrooms, a kitchen, a laundry, and a sitting room.'
  10. 'My house was small; down stairs it was made of a kitchen, family room and a laundry.'
  11. 'lots of people send their sheets to a laundry these days'
  12. 'At first glance, his studio looks more like a Chinese laundry than a design house.'
  13. 'The textile, hotel and restaurant services union represents 22 of the 35 commercial laundries owned by that company.'
  14. 'He ran a laundry service with a friend, became a journalist and radio presenter and then a documentary filmmaker.'
  15. 'Since his business serviced the laundry for the boys and girls camps in a neighboring larger town, he made weekly delivery trips down there.'
  16. 'A former city slicker has made a clean start by setting up a new laundry and ironing service.'
  17. 'For the salvation of their endangered souls they were put silently to work in the order's commercial laundries for an indefinite period.'
  18. 'It turns out the laundry van happens to be the same size and color scheme as the local banking service cash pickup vehicle.'
  19. 'The community resource centre plays a key role in the area, providing office facilities and a community laundry and ironing service.'
  20. 'Bachelor life also presented various pitfalls such as having to contend with laundries that insisted on ironing his socks.'
  21. 'We also allowed a local business to set up a laundry service on the camp.'

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1. articles of clothing, linens, etc., that have been or are to be washed.

2. a business establishment where clothes, linens, etc., are laundered.

3. a room or area, as in a home or apartment building, reserved for doing the family wash.

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Early 16th century: contraction of Middle English lavendry, from Old French lavanderie, from lavandier ‘person who washes linen’ (see launder).